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Water's Pictures

Chatsworth Half Viaduct
Chatsworth Half Viaduct (Nikon D5300)

I suspect if I read things then I would know what this really was but I don't so I have no idea what this partial viaduct is within the ground of Chatsworth, but it is pretty as the viaduct stops and the water cascades off onto the rocks below. I did try to get a long exposure of the water on the rocks below using an ND filter but that failed all because the sun was hitting the lens which made all the pictures turn out rubbish, which is a pitty because I think they would have been OK.

0 comments have been left18:55 20 Mar 2016Tags: chatsworth viaduct water waterfall
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Hamburgs TV Tower
Hamburgs TV Tower (Nikon D5300)

It's been a long day what with all the walking, and I wish I could say that I found the real Hamburg, but perhaps that's something that takes time, mind you I might have found the real it's just it wasn't the one I was expecting. Since being here we have seen the town hall, the red light district (near our hotel), the fair ground, lots of docks (nearly leaving by a boat after a wrong turn) and the main park in Hamburg. All pretty impressive, but I was expecting pretty buildings and the like, but so far it's all been a bit utilitarian 60s concrete. That's not to say there haven't been beautiful buildings, the one behind the chocolate museum is impressive (and reminds me of a bourbon biscuit), but it's not something to come to Hamburg in itself. Still we are here for a couple more days so, there's time to get run over by a herd bicycles.

Anyway, just at the North end of the park is this dominating...well not exactly imposing, but you can see it from all over the park, and it's quite impressive. It's a TV tower call the Heinrich-Heinz-Turmand more or less closed to the public in 2005 which is a pity as I was hoping to have a birds eye view of Hamburg.

0 comments have been left16:07 9 Aug 2015Tags: hamburg tower water reflections germany
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Messing About in Boats
Messing About in Boats (Nikon D5300)

I am sure the last time we went to the National Waterways Museum it was huge, however this time, it seemed less so. I suspect part of that was because the engine hall was silent and the pump house was closed, so I suspect that didn't help. I also seem to remember that the blacksmith was working the last time too, so I suspect there were a lot of things to do. Perhaps we were lucky or maybe we went on a Saturday.

0 comments have been left21:04 26 Jan 2015Tags: boat warehouse water museum
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Chadkirk Canal
Chadkirk Canal (Nikon D5300)

With so little on over Christmas, there was a need to get out of the house and do some walking, so off to Chadkirk we went, and to walk along the canal towards Romley. With so few picture opportunities in the bad light and with the only opportunity wasted owing to my usual luck with animals in that as soon as I whip out my camera they turn their back or end up walking out of shot. So I turned my interests to things that can't walk or change their mind, and in this case it was a tunnel. Again the light was bad so it looked better in real life than in the picture, but here goes. At least I now have a photo for December.

0 comments have been left17:34 28 Dec 2014Tags: chadkirk canal water relflection
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Duck Three
Duck Three (Nikon D5300)

It was a walk out to Reddish Vale park to day allowing me to test out my upgrade to the D5000, the D5300. Using it's colour selection effect to pick out the orange on the ducks feet, I got this pic. In addition to this it tagged the pictures with the long lat which will will help with tagging the picture for the weather stats that I have on the site, however this will need a bit more work to strip the info. Still it's not the best picture every and only of note because of the orange tweak.

0 comments have been left22:30 20 Sep 2014Tags: duck reddish vale water
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Can Obi Oh, Yes He Can
Can Obi Oh, Yes He Can (Nikon D5000)

We went to Cannobio today as the bad pun sort of suggests, but only once you know that we went to Cannobio, so really the title only serves to avoid a more boring title of just Cannobio or perhaps paraglide/surfer in Cannobio which is a bit long winded and to be honest I have no idea what the name is of whatever that were doing or it escapes me for the moment anyhow. It did look fun to be honest but I suspect its not as easy as it looked, though to be honest it looked like more fun than windsurfing and easier than that, so perhaps something to look into if I were Bear Grylls.

Anyway Cannobio is quite away from Stresa where we are staying if you keep in mind the 50km per hour speed limit causing yo to crawl along the winding roads, however I suspect that if you're not driving then the views are beautiful, however my view is usually of a Fiat braking because the road has deviated slightly from a straight flat road. Still the watersports in Cannobio does make it worth a visit. The town is pretty though not any more pretty than any others to be honest, and whilst the town boasts a Church that houses a painting of Pieta that cried blood, coming all the way out here to see a church that contains a box that contains a painting that cried blood several hundred years ago is a little bit of a stretch for me. This is a holiday not a pilgrimage.

Unusually for me, this picture is cropped. I was trying to get a picture of one of the parachute surfers jumping, but every time I zommed in they'd just stopped, until I think I found a pattern, so I setup and this guy jumped and twisted and I left, not looking at the pictures (fatal mistake). Most were out of focus. The autofocus had taken over and had focused on the far shore. The only picture of worth was this one which had the right shoulder of a man in a green T-shirt in the bottom left, which impressed me no end, so there you do. I shall try to do better next time.

0 comments have been left16:54 4 Aug 2014Tags: cannobio italy surfer water
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Two Little Gondolas Sitting in a Line
Two Little Gondolas Sitting in a Line (Nikon D5000)

It's day one in Venice and it has been a tiring day with all the walking and getting in late last night. It's funny how your memory of trips ignores the long and partly arduous bits. I just never remembered that the water bus from the airport took that long. So as you could imagine I was getting more bored with each stop. Of course little chance to eat anything all day didn't help any as my hunger grew. Not that I am complaining. Whilst it was overcast taking this picture,and overcast weather is really difficult to take pictures in, it brightened up towards midday which was welcomed by a beer and then a glut of masked people with frilly wigs, some bizarre and some slightly scary to say the least. Anyway what tonight is to bring is anyone's guess, perhaps a trip into San Marco, a Bellini and a longer in Harry's Bar perhaps, who knows.

0 comments have been left14:42 16 Feb 2014Tags: venice gongola italy water boat
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Willie the Water... Thing
Willie the Water... Thing (Nikon D5000)

OK I have no idea what this is but I suspect it's something that firemen get water out of and I have called him Willie... OK stop sniggering at the back. Not really a p to date picture really. From the Hungaroring weekend and since then there have been so few photo ops let alone days of rest but there were a few in contention this time what with the amount of things I took pictures of. You nearly got a display of gas masks nears the Fishermans' Basilica (which I can now say I have been to twice... hooray) but that just didn't cut it. What I didn't realise (since the boy on the right was in the bushes making a call) that he was selling his paintings. Despite this he moved out of the way for me to take this. Now I feel bad.

Interestingly enough (well you judge) I was sat in the bar at the hotel occupying a few seats with my Android Tablet as wifi was only available there. Thinking I would not be disturbed a couple decided it was time for a bite to eat and the seats in the group that I was sitting in was the place for them. Don't get me wrong I don't hate people...OK I do but if there is a table with seats round it and I am at one, then I might have guests, in addition they might not like me. Sure I haven't reserved the seats so I'm happy really still tabeting (Ma I made a new word) away. This all goes fine until I receive a new email (which I get a lot). BRRRIIIING. Yeah I forgot I had my tab on LOUD. She physically jumped despite that loud isn't really loud because the tablet is really cheap and five seconds later I get another... they left soon after. I would like at this moment to provide an Inspector Gadget moral. I think I should but I just can't think of what it is.

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Skegness Beach
Skegness Beach (Minolta X500)

On a trip to Lincoln we had a day out to Skegness. Just like the usual British seaside town, there are the usual small scale rides all closed down since it's winter with the usual selection of shops selling gifts and fast food. This picture is less about a closed seaside town and more about the beach as you can see. Perhaps the focus could have gone further out, but the problem might have been that I'd have got too much background in. None the less here's an archive picture, one that I'd almost forgotten about and still rather like. That's not so say that they won't be any chance of pics tomorrow only that due to the lovely weather and my lack of inventiveness, I doubt any pictures happening tomorrow.

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22:04 13 Oct 2007Tags: skegness beach water patterns
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Duck 2 Revenge of the Duck
Duck 2 Revenge of the Duck (Nisis DV5)

Feeding the ducks at Reddish Vale part 2.

0 comments have been left14:26 28 Aug 2005Tags: reddish water
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