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Willie the Water... Thing
Willie the Water... Thing (Nikon D5000)

OK I have no idea what this is but I suspect it's something that firemen get water out of and I have called him Willie... OK stop sniggering at the back. Not really a p to date picture really. From the Hungaroring weekend and since then there have been so few photo ops let alone days of rest but there were a few in contention this time what with the amount of things I took pictures of. You nearly got a display of gas masks nears the Fishermans' Basilica (which I can now say I have been to twice... hooray) but that just didn't cut it. What I didn't realise (since the boy on the right was in the bushes making a call) that he was selling his paintings. Despite this he moved out of the way for me to take this. Now I feel bad.

Interestingly enough (well you judge) I was sat in the bar at the hotel occupying a few seats with my Android Tablet as wifi was only available there. Thinking I would not be disturbed a couple decided it was time for a bite to eat and the seats in the group that I was sitting in was the place for them. Don't get me wrong I don't hate people...OK I do but if there is a table with seats round it and I am at one, then I might have guests, in addition they might not like me. Sure I haven't reserved the seats so I'm happy really still tabeting (Ma I made a new word) away. This all goes fine until I receive a new email (which I get a lot). BRRRIIIING. Yeah I forgot I had my tab on LOUD. She physically jumped despite that loud isn't really loud because the tablet is really cheap and five seconds later I get another... they left soon after. I would like at this moment to provide an Inspector Gadget moral. I think I should but I just can't think of what it is.

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Mosi Facewall
Mosi Facewall (Orange San Francisco)

Off to MOSI today to try out their new exhibit which is an interactive thing where you register with a barcode and try out the exhibits which would have been great if any of them were working. I'm pretty sure this only opened yesterday so it was a little disappointing so we moved on. The Power Hall was good as usual with the smell and sound of machines chugging away. Also in the hall was a demonstration of rocket making, paper rockets albeit some of which get jammed into the rafters all the others just drop into the many engines.

The picture here is the exhibit right at the start where you register, scan your card given to you at the start, take your picture and enter your name. 20 seconds later your face slowly ascends the wall. I did try and get my picture in the shot but just missed it. It's also nice to see Alan Turing in attendance.

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