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Manchester's Pictures


Place du Concorde
Place du Concorde (Nikon D5000)

Well of course this isn't actually the Place du Concorde in Paris, but it is the place of Concorde, such a witty little aside for my broken French. On a no so routine trip out in as much as we were heading for the shops and my Wife decided that we must go and see Concorde, not sure what it was or why the sudden need but that's where we headed after getting som salad and other bit for tea.

When we turned up we saw a aircraft landing persued by two fire units and some sort of official looking police like car. I can only assume everything was fine and it was all precaution as there was nothing in the news and nothing much seemed to happen. Anyway, onto Concorde, it was only the quick tour so that's 10 minutes in Concorde and 10 minutes around the outside. As for the inside, it's really a rather normal looking aircraft, though we were warned before we boarded that the aisle was narror and in fact everything was rather narrow so we would be unable to walk to abreast in the aisle... I'm not sure what cargo planes the guide has been on but I don't think I have every beon on a plane where it's been easy to walk down one abreast with a cabin bag let alone two. Still there is plenty of leg room and nice leather seats, you could almost be on a Lufthansa flight. The outside is quite impressive as you could imagine, though again, I was imagining something a lot larger, still, it's worth the tenner to walk around it.

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Boss Its the Crane the Crane
Boss Its the Crane the Crane (Samsung Galaxy S)

After a shocking pun if you understand the pun (if you're as old as me) why would you go any further? Well don't... thank goodness that I have got rid od my only viewer. Been a slow and busy week really. Lots of messing with house business and then a surprise. On Monday I got a month's worth of traffic in a day... what the heck was that you might think, in fact I was expecting a drop after banning a spammer from my site but no. Seems like a BBC program on 7/7 mentioned Matthew “Stan” Brewster who dies on that day and suddenly there was a rush to look for “stan brewster walkway” for which I am one of the top links. Hoorah.... with any luck I shall keep te new influx of traffic, but somehow I doubt.

In addition to that busyness, I have been feverishly (well perhaps that's going too far) extending my reach with the current What Bin Day country-wide domination. But you're not here to hear this, you're here for the pics and this one is in the museum at Manchester University. It's a picture of the 1000 cranes sited there. I'm assuming that these aren't the real cranes but it's about the good luck that cranes bring in Japanese and Chinese culture. The exhibit is about Sadako who was ill from radiation from the war in 1945 (there were no specifics really) who believed if you folded 1000 cranes for a wish then your wish would come true. Her friends and classmates helped here on the way to 1000 cranes. I'm assuming due to the omissions on the plaque next to the exhibit that her wish never came true but in some way she will be alive forwever... in the 1000 cranes... and in the plaque.

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Hulme Pit
Hulme Pit (Nikon D5000)

It's history weekend this weekend, what with Denton's hisory with mining we had a history trip or walk as you might also know it to see if we would see any of the remains of the many pits in Denton. Of course with no real hope of finding anything it did starts as a walk and the lack of Top Pit which was supposed to be the biggest really did make us think that there was no chance of finding anything at all. In fact it was only when we found Hulme Pit that we realised that we might have seen Top Pit but we just didn't know what we were looking for. It all looked a bit modern... not that I have any idea what to expect. Of course we realised that we were near Hulme Pit when we saw a sign by the side of the Tame pointing us to Hulme Pit, which looked like it had a stand for a placard with explanation but the placard had since gone which was a pity.

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The Hidden Brotherton
The Hidden Brotherton (Nikon D5000)

It's been a sort of busy weekend really. Packed lots of dull stiff into it that really I won't bother you about... oh if you insist... washing clothes, cycling 20 miles, washing more clothes, eating too much, walking round Manchester during the Manchester International Festival... yeah I told you it was boring but you insisted. The festival looked more like a night festival really, or we were in the wrong place so we messed about a bit, bought books and ended up in Salford via Blackfriars. Walking along towards the bridge that links Salford to Bridge Street my Wife spotted a statue looking over the Irwell, interested to see what it was about we walked back into Manchester and onto Bridge Street and there's a small relatively hidden set of steps down to nothing in particular that overlooks the Irwell. When you step down to this place there is nowhere to go but what you might call seats but nothing else apart from this statue. Very weird really almost like it was all some sort of hidden statue never to be discovered. Not sure what Joseph Brotherton would make of it being Salford's first MP. To the right of him looks horribly like a tomb with his name and the usual details you would expect on such a stone because the statue has nothing on it at all. It's also weird because I suspect the statue is actually in Manchester if you assume that Salford's boundary is the Irwell... so perhaps not strange because he's looking out over Salford.

Either way it's a weird place to put a statue more or less hidden out of the way where I'm assuming Manchester's less that healthy night life like to spend their time by the looks of it.

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Its All Gone Grey
Its All Gone Grey (Orange San Francisco)

Not so much a grey day in Manchester but just a bad camera in Manchester it being the camera phone that is the San Fransisco. To be honest in this lunch hour I couldn't se the screen because of it's badness so I would not advise using the phone as a camera, however I think part of this the auto brightness problem with it. Either way, this is a pic of the new court building in Manchester. I liked the shimmery reflection and symmetry of it. On the phone it looked pretty bad but now it just looks bad.

With any luck I'll get more interesting pics next week as it's been a little quiet for February.

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Mosi Facewall
Mosi Facewall (Orange San Francisco)

Off to MOSI today to try out their new exhibit which is an interactive thing where you register with a barcode and try out the exhibits which would have been great if any of them were working. I'm pretty sure this only opened yesterday so it was a little disappointing so we moved on. The Power Hall was good as usual with the smell and sound of machines chugging away. Also in the hall was a demonstration of rocket making, paper rockets albeit some of which get jammed into the rafters all the others just drop into the many engines.

The picture here is the exhibit right at the start where you register, scan your card given to you at the start, take your picture and enter your name. 20 seconds later your face slowly ascends the wall. I did try and get my picture in the shot but just missed it. It's also nice to see Alan Turing in attendance.

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Christmas is all Zipped Up
Christmas is all Zipped Up (Nikon D5000)

Again Zippy is back out in the guise of Father Christmas, this year he's not lit, perhaps it's too early in the day, perhaps they are saving energy or money in these austere times. Either way here he is. I did see hime getting lifted into place and there's nothing stranger than seeing a brightly lit Zippy swinging over Albert Square.

So after a sausage in Albert Square it was time to head down to Spinningfields for a quick skate. Well I say quick but it took an hour to get onto the rink and then an hour for me to get even close enough to look like I was just unstable, at the start I was bordering on the dangerous so some massive improvements there then and despite the cold it's a great way to get warm, nearly falling on your arse for an hour really keeps the blood pumping to such an extent I did get a little bit of a sweat on whether that will be the exercise or the constant fear of falling on your arse I don't know still a good hours fun.

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I'm Loving Angels Instead
I'm Loving Angels Instead (Pentax Optio 50)

Yes I'm back out and yes I am alive and kicking after an absence of taking pictures. Sorry about that. Back to the usual form of poor pictures and stuff. This time it contains the usual trip to Piccadilly gardens. With the ice rink moved to Spinningfields (that happened last year) Piccadilly is trying to entice you with three attractions and this isn't really one of them, sorry. They have a large Snow Globe that you can stand in and have your picture taken, there's a bungy trampoline thing (on the right in the picture) and a snow slide. I just liked this one. The rest were either just nondescript or boring. I'm not saying that this pic is going to win any awards just that it looks better, probably because it's darkish as you might have guessed the darker pics are my faves and with the grey cloud kicking in on what could only be described as a nice sunny wintery day it was a bit of a find.

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Clockwatching (Nisis DV5)

Oh it's been so busy as you may have guessed and nothing interesting to say, but I thought that I would interest you I an archive pic from 2006 and slightly off centre. In the intervening time I have been contacted by a marketing agency for a camera company (I don't feel special believe me I suspect they mailshot many people) about a fantastic event in my area. Turns out it was all about a larger than life postbox that took the artists 4 weeks to create. I thought that this was great, it's in the Printworks, that's close to the Postbox that survived the IRA bomb in Manchester, that might be a good picture.

So I turned up and I looked around the area and nothing, so I went back to the promo pic and yes I had been in the right area. So back again to look at the angles and I may have been wrong initially but I wouldn't have missed it so back to the emails, I emailed my contact. Luckily for her since marketing skills are so transferable, she transferred. At the end of the day no-one knew where the heck this thing was until I found it on Peter St quite a way from the Printworks. I took a pic but it was blurry what with it being grim at the moment (yes I would prefer an off centre pic than an out of focus one). Of course the new marketing bod gained intel on the postbox only after I emailed her.

For those who are less cynical then google “8x life”, it's Panasonic's attempt at selling their compact with a zoom lens. They have an obligatory Facebook Page I am sure there's an RSS feed too... sorry no! RSS is old hat so they'll have a rubbish Twitter feed instead.

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Manchester Snowman
Manchester Snowman (Pentax Optio 50)

We are nothing but resourceful and unorthodox in the house of Zamyatin. You'll see no fossil fuels or carrots not stamped with the RSPCA Freedom Food logo used in out snowmen. Our snowman is allowed the free run of our back garden and if he can operate the gate then Manchester and beyond is his playground. With Mange tout eyebrows and mouth, black pepper eyes and a plastic rose for a nose he's nearly good enough to eat, but does it make him happy... no... not by the looks of it. Even his spade arms aren't enough to force the corners of his mange tout mouth skyward. Perhaps the little peas have been in our fridge too long awaiting a stir-fry that forgot them causing the mange tout and his expression to sag. Perhaps instead his sorrow is because he spies a change in the weather and his time is running short.

For those observant you will notice bits of his eyes are on the floor this could also be his concern... poor chap. Of course the snow today really stopped me getting out on my bike that I took all weekend to sort out for the Monday commute. Mind you I'd not have fancied going out today, the weather was really bad, and that was just the wind forget the horizontal snow. Still it wasn't that bad really, I remember worse and yet all people can talk about is how bad things are as if it's big issue. How would we cope if we got some real snow?

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