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Museum's Pictures


Wings Clipped
Wings Clipped (Nikon D5300)

Here at the Avro Heritage Museum they have a static Vulcan painted in blast white as it would have been when it was first created as a nuclear weapon delivery craft. Getting to the museum is interesting since you end up going through the old main gates of British Aerospace factory in Woodford and then have to navigate via the roads and the aircraft taxiways to what feels like the furthest end of the site.

The museum is OK to be honest, it's a little dry and a little amateurish it has to be said, but after chatting to one of the people there, this is just the start, with at least one more aircraft planned as a static exhibit and more info and displays, all planned to be there by the middle to the end of summer 2016..

Needless to say that the star of the museum is the static Vulcan and the Vulcan cockpit which was really surprisingly small. Now I knew it was small, but I somehow thought that it was laid out differently, what's worse is that for the lack of space in there, the real cockpit would have eben less space because the one in the museum has the co-pilot's chair missing, probably to help non-Vulcan pilots climb into the passenger seat without the whole experience being a health and safety nightmare.

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Cars Boats and Automobiles
Cars Boats and Automobiles (Nikon D5300)

It was a long day today with the plan to go to the Prototype Museum (perhaps I sort of missed the point of the museum because only some of them were prototypes I thought, so it was a car museum). The museum was quite good. Three floors of various cars with no real theme other than the cars were all German. It was quite impressive in a way to get so close to some of the cars though you weren't allowed to touch the cars.I quite liked Michael Schumacher's car from his time at Jordan and I'm not sure why, probably the weird mix of underdog and future world champion.

Next up was as trip to the San Diego. I wasn't sure what to expect from thsi because it was something tha my Wife wanted to go to and she explained it as a cargo ship turned into a museum, which to be honest could be the best thing in the world, but also could just be dull. In the end it turned out she bought tickets for the wrong boat and we ended up on a one hour and twenty minute tour of the dock and surrounding area, which might have been OK if it weren't in German. Still it was OK to bob about in the sun around the docks.

Last up today was Elbe beach that we didn't find, but we did see a Hamburg traffic jam.

So onto the picture, it's a Porche 912. I love the 911 and this seems to be the bread and butter 911 apparently, lots of cheap stuff went into this and yet it has the same impressive look.

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The Scary Puppet Show
The Scary Puppet Show (Nikon D5300)

Lubeck seems quite nice little village to the north of Hamburg unfortunately I don't think I did it justice in any of my pictures. I saw pictures that I would be nice but when I took the picture they didn't appear to end up that well, I think it was a little overcast as well which didn't help, either that or I'm trying to find an excuse. Anyway after a boat trip and a trip around the puppet museum, the only good picture I have to show is this rather strange puppet from Java, I quite like the picture myself, I wish they all would have turned out this way (in a sense) but no.

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Messing About in Boats
Messing About in Boats (Nikon D5300)

I am sure the last time we went to the National Waterways Museum it was huge, however this time, it seemed less so. I suspect part of that was because the engine hall was silent and the pump house was closed, so I suspect that didn't help. I also seem to remember that the blacksmith was working the last time too, so I suspect there were a lot of things to do. Perhaps we were lucky or maybe we went on a Saturday.

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Gaskell House Revisited
Gaskell House Revisited (Nexus 4)

So after they refurbished Gaskell House it now looks like this. I have a before photo and readin the entry back I have no idea what the heck I was talking about. Some rubbish about taking loads of rolls of film and travelling from Stcokport to Manchester on the A6 and taking photos? What the heck was I thinking of. Well perhaps in 2006 I had loads of time to piss up the wall taking photos of a road I just really hate driving down and gets a rough in bits and would have been worse then.

Anyway, back to todays image. It's sort of a very small museum which is quite interesting but also a little brief and lacking in info on Elizabeth Gaskell I though, but perhaps I missed stuff, though a couple of the volunteers were very chatty and full of information, but it was nice to see that they have got the place looking nice and considerably less pink.

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Its Not Just Large Its Collosus
Its Not Just Large Its Collosus (Nikon D5000)

This isn't the front of the Collosus, it's the arguably more interesting back of the machine. Well perhaps I should say more photogenic, even then I think there would be some argument to be had bearing in mind that the front is a wall of lights and paper tape, more lights than tape though. This is (I was going to say of course but it's not that obvious) the National Museum of Computing which is in Bletchly Park, not part of Bletchley Park, no don't you go getting confused now thinking that entering Bletchley Park gives you any access to the first computer invented, oh no, it's separate museum.

Interestingly, the Bletchley Park Museum hints that it's human error that allowed us to break the German code in WWII, but it's the National Museum of Computing explained how this happened.

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Concorde Number Two
Concorde Number Two (Nikon D5000)

Now this just sounds like we're stalking Concordes now, but that's not the case, but the two in the title is interesting because this is Concorde 02 built in Filton and built as a test aircraft and not as a commercial aircraft. Taking off from Filton on the 9th of April 1969 and now resting in the Air Arm Museum in Yeovitton. Owing to the fact that the aircraft was a test aircraft then you seem to have more of a free run in and around the aircraft unlike the plush aircraft in Manchester/ However the interior of this one is slightly basic. I suspect the seats that are there are just for show as the aircraft would probably have been chock full of equipment and basic seats for people to work the equipment.

Of course, there are more things to see than the Concorde. It's a Navy Aircraft Museum as the name might have suggested and some really interesting exhibits such as one hall which is a mock up of an aircraft carrier, more specifically the Ark Royal. You see take offs and landings and get a tour round the Island and all of that after you take a 2 minute “flight” in a Sea King to the aircraft carrier.

Of course if you want to see the rest, then get down there, it's worth a visit.

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Kelham Island
Kelham Island (Nikon D5000)

There were a couple of unfortunate things about Kelham Island. The first is that the Brewery next door that also runs tours didn't get together with this museum and make something really really special. A bit of history and brewing and smelting and it would be cracking. The second problem is that the museum was a little like a collection of stuff. Now don't get me wrong, in their simplest form that is what a museum is but in it's simplest form. This wasn't much more really. Interesting though it was. The last and most important thing is that Kelham Island isn't an Island despite the fact that the blurb on the site says that it's a man made island. Man made it might be but it's a little like a peninularish sort of thing more than an island or perhaps I'm being unkind.

The picture is of a Bessemer Converter which is at the entrance of the museum which converted iron to steel in huge quantities. Needless to say that there are others methods of doing the same thing, but you'll have to visit the museum to find out (what a salesman I am). The day was topped off my a spot of lunch, and as my daughter scanned the menu asked “What's in a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich”. Now I'm not sure whether there would be such a thing on the menu, my daughter has a habit of not reading things properly hence yesterday “tactile screen covers” became “tactical screen covers”, even so I think anyone with a basic grasp of English would understand what could be in a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich. With so many options for annoyance I decided not to answer the question.

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Boss Its the Crane the Crane
Boss Its the Crane the Crane (Samsung Galaxy S)

After a shocking pun if you understand the pun (if you're as old as me) why would you go any further? Well don't... thank goodness that I have got rid od my only viewer. Been a slow and busy week really. Lots of messing with house business and then a surprise. On Monday I got a month's worth of traffic in a day... what the heck was that you might think, in fact I was expecting a drop after banning a spammer from my site but no. Seems like a BBC program on 7/7 mentioned Matthew “Stan” Brewster who dies on that day and suddenly there was a rush to look for “stan brewster walkway” for which I am one of the top links. Hoorah.... with any luck I shall keep te new influx of traffic, but somehow I doubt.

In addition to that busyness, I have been feverishly (well perhaps that's going too far) extending my reach with the current What Bin Day country-wide domination. But you're not here to hear this, you're here for the pics and this one is in the museum at Manchester University. It's a picture of the 1000 cranes sited there. I'm assuming that these aren't the real cranes but it's about the good luck that cranes bring in Japanese and Chinese culture. The exhibit is about Sadako who was ill from radiation from the war in 1945 (there were no specifics really) who believed if you folded 1000 cranes for a wish then your wish would come true. Her friends and classmates helped here on the way to 1000 cranes. I'm assuming due to the omissions on the plaque next to the exhibit that her wish never came true but in some way she will be alive forwever... in the 1000 cranes... and in the plaque.

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Been a long time been a long time
Been a long time been a long time (Nikon D5000)

What with decorating I have had little time to take pictures or be bothered to be quite honest. So this is an archive pic from the Hat Museum at Stockport, a bit of symmetry and organisation in a world that fails in both of those.

I would love to tell you that I have had some wonderful exploits but that would be wrong, however bear with me and over Christmas, pics might be aplenty.

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