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Island's Pictures

Kelham Island
Kelham Island (Nikon D5000)

There were a couple of unfortunate things about Kelham Island. The first is that the Brewery next door that also runs tours didn't get together with this museum and make something really really special. A bit of history and brewing and smelting and it would be cracking. The second problem is that the museum was a little like a collection of stuff. Now don't get me wrong, in their simplest form that is what a museum is but in it's simplest form. This wasn't much more really. Interesting though it was. The last and most important thing is that Kelham Island isn't an Island despite the fact that the blurb on the site says that it's a man made island. Man made it might be but it's a little like a peninularish sort of thing more than an island or perhaps I'm being unkind.

The picture is of a Bessemer Converter which is at the entrance of the museum which converted iron to steel in huge quantities. Needless to say that there are others methods of doing the same thing, but you'll have to visit the museum to find out (what a salesman I am). The day was topped off my a spot of lunch, and as my daughter scanned the menu asked “What's in a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich”. Now I'm not sure whether there would be such a thing on the menu, my daughter has a habit of not reading things properly hence yesterday “tactile screen covers” became “tactical screen covers”, even so I think anyone with a basic grasp of English would understand what could be in a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich. With so many options for annoyance I decided not to answer the question.

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Piel Castle
Piel Castle (Pentax Optio 50)

On a very rainy Sunday it was time to do something. We set out not so early in an attempt to see a little bit or perhaps a lot of Piel Castle. As you can see from this picture, we didn't exactly see much of it. The weather was dreadful and several flooded roads and a car accident (not us) later we ended up at Roa Island which isn't an island at all, but the only bit you can get to close to Piel Island without getting the ferry. I suspect Roa Island might have been an island at one point as it's possible that the road to is was man made, but who knows.

Unfortunately we would have had to ring for the ferry (it was the wrong time of year surprisingly) which wasn't going to happen purely because we walked the bridge to the lifeboat station and the horizontal rain in that short walk was bad enough let alone a trip several times longer on some sort of boat yet to be seen. Somehow I got the feeling that this ferry would have been rowed and open, I don't know why I thought that because it's totally illogical, even so I had been put off.

So there you have it, here's Piel Island and Castle in the background as I stood on the beach being hammered by sideways rain and wind. One day, yes one day I shall visit Piel Castle and perhaps visit the comfort of its Pub.

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