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Symmetry's Pictures


Been a long time been a long time
Been a long time been a long time (Nikon D5000)

What with decorating I have had little time to take pictures or be bothered to be quite honest. So this is an archive pic from the Hat Museum at Stockport, a bit of symmetry and organisation in a world that fails in both of those.

I would love to tell you that I have had some wonderful exploits but that would be wrong, however bear with me and over Christmas, pics might be aplenty.

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Venice Carnival
Venice Carnival (TYTN II)

No self-respecting person should be without a mask at the Venice Carnival. It's just a good job that I lost all my self respect many years ago or I too may have glamed up like Elton John and joined in.

It's definitely an interesting place to be at this time though at some point you do wonder when it will stop what with all the crowds funnelling onto the many bridges. Despite this a happy but tiring day was had by all so back to the hotel for a well earned Nastro and Cigarette. Mind you we saw nothing much as we were always at the back of the crowd but we did see someone descend from the tower in St Marks Square which in the end felt more like an stress position endured by interrogated POWs because of the time the chap took to come down.

0 comments have been left16:00 15 Feb 2009Tags: venice carnival mask symmetry italy
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Platt Fields
Platt Fields (QTEK 9100)

OK after a busy week, yes I am talking this one that has not even finished yet, I have some pictures from the weekend. Only time for one at the moment. This is a picture of the drive out of Platt Fields onto Platt Lane I think. The leaves have finally fallen and with the Rollei I have pictures of my Wife and Daughter kicking leaves at themselves and me.

Nothing on there except for people doing football exercises and playing football, I can only assume that this could be connected to Manchester City but I could be wrong. Not great weather but nice enough and I think the picture is OK, well it will do.

0 comments have been left22:42 16 Oct 2007Tags: park tree leaves symmetry
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Southport Memorial
Southport Memorial (QTEK 9100)

Just a quick picture of one of the two symetrical World War I memorials in Southport. In the middle is a needle that I don't have a good picture of. Maybe if this weekend mirrors another weekend to come (in that I don't think I'll have time for any pictures let alone any) then you might see it, however we may go back and I might be able to get a better picture.

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Delamare Forrest
Delamare Forrest (QTEK 9100)

Today's outing was to Delamare Forrest a 4000 acre wood just near Tarporley. All very nice I suppose but for me there wasn't much there but trees. One of those places I get the feeling people sit in a car for an hour to get to to make them feel that they are counteracting the heart stopping fat consumed by yesterday's Christmas meal. I suppose what didn't help was the fact that today was really overcast a nice sunny day may have altered my opinion. Also I suspect that the Forrest on the other side of the road may have been more interesting as it had a lake.

On the way to we saw a rather interesting pub called the Vale Royal Abbey. Retracing our steps on the way back we popped in. It was only then when I found it was a Hungry Horse pub at which my heart sank. For once I thought that I may have a chance to go to a different pub other than the usual corporate child-friendly affair (don't get me wrong I don't intend to go to child hating pubs but the corporate happy eater jungle bungle sites leave me a little cold) but we had stumbled upon just that where food is deep-fried on order from pre-sealed pouches. It was food, it was a pub and that's about it.

0 comments have been left16:48 26 Dec 2006Tags: delamare forrest tree symmetry
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Predictable Me
Predictable Me (QTEK 9100)

Still in Debdale park, here's a picture of a tree lined path. A predictable one for me, I like the scene, though it's not as good a picture as I would have liked, so I shall now bore you with an average picture set out predictably.

0 comments have been left13:38 5 Nov 2006Tags: tree symmetry leaves
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Hampton Court Symetry
Hampton Court Symetry (QTEK 9100)

Here's another picture of Hampton Court. This is a walkway around the main atrium. Just near the King's apartment I just liked the symmetry of this one. Mind you it's a classic symmetry picture in many ways, so there's nothing much interesting in it, I just like it.

0 comments have been left21:40 10 Oct 2006Tags: symmetry hampton walkway
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Tatton Park Trees
Tatton Park Trees (QTEK 9100)

I'm not too chuffed that there's not been too much chance to test the picture quality of the QTEK9100. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a test drive site, but there has been too few times to take pictures. It's not from lack of opportunity in some ways. Stuck in traffic I noticed in Ashton the "Electric Car Depot" embossed in a building, though the opportunity wasn't really there... I was stuck in traffic and no time to get the camera ready, so here is one of the tests.

I did try and take pictures of the Deer and they were over exposed so you couldn't see them. Messing with the contrast helped nothing.

I did try and take a picture of a small 1cm frog that seemed a million miles from home in Tatton (not for me but for him) but this came out badly either from the camera being poor or the fact the frog was too near the camera. Either way you will have to suffice with this... sorry.

0 comments have been left02:25 24 Sep 2006Tags: symmetry tree tatton
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M60 Bridge near Sale Water Park
M60 Bridge near Sale Water Park (Nisis DV5)

One of my fave things to photo are geometric shapes, and if I manage to scan the pics in from holiday then you'll probably guess that with at least one shot of a traffic bollard… exactly. This is of a bridge that crosses the M60 just near Sale Water Park. Last time we were at the Water Park there was no bridge and the M60 was still being worked on, so to see this quite impressive bridge there now meant that I had to walk on it, even though I have no idea where it ends up (that’s step two).

Whilst the bridge does in some ways look impressive, unfortunately it's just as impressive as all the other new bridges on the M60 build from the same design... which is the pity; they could have been more imaginative surely?

0 comments have been left18:30 14 Jun 2006Tags: bridge m60 sale symmetry
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The Drive
The Drive (Nisis DV5)

I don't know why but I love this drive thing at Dunham Massey, perhaps it's because it reminds me of a Stephen Poliakoff screenplay, which I think was Perfect Strangers, however I could be wrong. Either way the picture doesn't really live up to what was there because the sun was in front of me and there is no way to control the exposure with the DV5. However where the detail on the ground is missing due to under exposed the clouds do look slightly menacing which I like, so I kept it. I did take another one in landscape and because this took in less bright sky the ground was less under exposed and looked better. The problem with that shot is that it looked so bland.

0 comments have been left20:19 25 Mar 2006Tags: clouds dunham symmetry
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