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Leaves's Pictures

Palm Plot
Palm Plot (QTEK 9100)

This looked like a good picture as we left the park that housed the Plaza de Espana. Well I thought it was good anyway. Nothing much to say about it other than the park is interesting, a mix of fountains and gardens and a strange man-made waterfall that is just large enough to be a waterfall and just small and man made enough to look silly (or theme parklike). What's worse is it froths like someone has put detergent in it or perhaps you are likely to get the mange from the water if you get too close.

0 comments have been left01:21 4 Nov 2007Tags: seville palm park leaves sky spain
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Platt Fields
Platt Fields (QTEK 9100)

OK after a busy week, yes I am talking this one that has not even finished yet, I have some pictures from the weekend. Only time for one at the moment. This is a picture of the drive out of Platt Fields onto Platt Lane I think. The leaves have finally fallen and with the Rollei I have pictures of my Wife and Daughter kicking leaves at themselves and me.

Nothing on there except for people doing football exercises and playing football, I can only assume that this could be connected to Manchester City but I could be wrong. Not great weather but nice enough and I think the picture is OK, well it will do.

0 comments have been left22:42 16 Oct 2007Tags: park tree leaves symmetry
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Red Leaves
Red Leaves (Minolta X500)

And now for the peas of resistance a picture similar to that which I took a couple of years ago at Drummond Castle in Crief. I don't think the picture ever made it onto Zamyatin thought this one (which looking back on it I do still like, I just would have liked it to be centred better) did. The one that didn’t make it was a picture taken through the canopy of a tree with red leaves like this. It was taken with the Minolta so I was able to zoom and focus better... hmm correction I should say “at all” not “better”.

0 comments have been left13:44 5 Nov 2006Tags: tree leaves red
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Predictable Me
Predictable Me (QTEK 9100)

Still in Debdale park, here's a picture of a tree lined path. A predictable one for me, I like the scene, though it's not as good a picture as I would have liked, so I shall now bore you with an average picture set out predictably.

0 comments have been left13:38 5 Nov 2006Tags: tree symmetry leaves
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