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Sky's Pictures

A Petrol Station at the End of the Rainbow
A Petrol Station at the End of the Rainbow (Pentax Optio 50)

After a walk in Dunham Massey we came home missing all of the rain before and after. On the way back I had to pop into Sainsburys. As we approached it rained hard and then stopped and the sun came out. Travelling around the roundabout towards Sainsburys I notices the rainbow, well I didn't see the whole thing but I saw the start and the end and pointed it out to my Daughter. When I stopped I asked my wife whether she saw it unbeknown to be that it was still there right behind my back. Unfortunately I didn't get it all in. I would have needed my Macro lens but I nonetheless got what looks to be part of a double rainbow which appeared and disappeared as the grey cloud crossed the sky.

0 comments have been left22:41 26 Oct 2009Tags: rainbow sainsburys sky bollards trees
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Vapour Trail
Vapour Trail (Pentax Optio 50)

This is sort of looking a little like a set with the previous one, except for the fact that this picture was taken at sunset when it was not overcast and the contrast has not been messed with, in fact the only thing that has been done is the the picture has been compressed and scaled for the page as usual because browsers seem very bad a scaling pictures. It is very near where the previous picture was taken however which is the only similarity with the previous. Of course being boring I did have to have a quick look to see what I didn't know about vapour trails and found that there there is a phenomenon called distrails caused by aircraft cutting through cloud and in fact the opposite of vapour trails. Every day is a school day.

0 comments have been left17:26 16 Nov 2008Tags: clouds sky vapour
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Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow
Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow (Pentax Optio 50)

On a short trip to the park this time not as foggy as the last time and this time I had a full compliment of family with me not just me out testing my camera. In fact we were out trying to look for flowers for my daughter's homework. My wife pointed out the rainbow which initially I didn't believe because it hadn't rained (not that it needs to), then on further inspection there it was.

This picture is a little messed with. The contrast has just been upped which has darkened the trees to a silhouette and brought out the colours in the overcast sky.

0 comments have been left16:21 15 Nov 2008Tags: silhouette park rainbow clouds sky
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Beautiful Birds
Beautiful Birds (QTEK 9100)

I have always wanted to get live action shots but with my very poor camermanship I can never do it with a one shot 35mm, so I have to rely on the Sports facility of the QTEK 9100. It takes one shot a second as long as you hold the shutter... well button. Quite hard to do as the viewfinder you have is the screen that freezes to take the picture so waving the camera phone in the air is the order of the day. This is an archive picture from 2006 when we were at Tatton Park. Why this picture now? Well I had a self levelling floor to lay and a kitchen to put back together. There was hope that I'd go down to Ossington Court which sounds better than is it. It's an empty block og flats and has been empty for years. I heard that Ian Simpson was going to renovate it but by the sounds of it the demands of the council made it unprofitable so the last I heard it was going to be demolished with a date of the 17th of March 2008. That date being in the past I suspect it's only a matter of time until it goes so I'd better hurry up. I don't know why I would like to take a pic of it but I drive past it on the M60 so many times it does make you wonder what's round it; and the fact that every window is broken perhaps panders to my love of the run down just like the Duke of Lancaster I suspect.

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Palm Plot
Palm Plot (QTEK 9100)

This looked like a good picture as we left the park that housed the Plaza de Espana. Well I thought it was good anyway. Nothing much to say about it other than the park is interesting, a mix of fountains and gardens and a strange man-made waterfall that is just large enough to be a waterfall and just small and man made enough to look silly (or theme parklike). What's worse is it froths like someone has put detergent in it or perhaps you are likely to get the mange from the water if you get too close.

0 comments have been left01:21 4 Nov 2007Tags: seville palm park leaves sky spain
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Clouds (QTEK 9100)

Just like when Channel 4 couldn't find anything interesting to put on their channel they put on "Art of Landscape" I have a similar solution with archive photos of Llandudno... well let's face it, it could be anywhere.

After Ireland nothing really has happened so I must apologise, not that anyone reads this. This weekend promises less than the last one for you because I think I may be busy.

0 comments have been left21:38 8 Aug 2007Tags: llandudno sky clouds seagull
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Pendle Hill
Pendle Hill (Nisis DV5)

We circled Pendle Hill a few times I think. The strategy was to confuse and confound the hill before the attack or you might think we didn't know where we were going. There were plenty of signs telling us that we weren't where we wanted to be but no signs telling us where we should go.

Since the hill is a few meters off mountain classification you can be assured we didn't attempt an assent. Slightly lost we followed some likely punters with walking boots only to find they lived there and we were following them home. Not wanting to look foolish we carried on our way as if we intended to go where we were going and so embarked on a walking spree to... nowhere.

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Manchester Fountains
Manchester Fountains (Nisis DV5)

Same busyness as usual, just this time I have a visit to the centre of Manchester where I made time. Stupidly cold, so I had to pop in and out of shops to keep warm, but time for myself, which is ever precious. This is a picture of the fountains in Piccadilly gardens. However the gardens in Piccadilly have gone so I'm not sure what you call it now.

I did notice today that Manchester has got a pretty good skyline/view as far as buildings are concerned. I sort of knew this already because I did a tour of Manchester some years ago from a tourist leaflet, sounds tacky but there were some things that I never knew about Manchester that I do now.

0 comments have been left20:20 4 Mar 2006Tags: piccadilly fountains sky
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