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Hill's Pictures

The Bridge
The Bridge (Nikon D5300)

It was a windly old day in Barmouth when I took this, and when you get out into the estury it did get a little blowy but nothing as blowy as when you got to the ends of the bridge where walking ipright was difficult enough forget the idea of cycling which some people were happy enough to brave. Still it was a good walk to burn off some cake and chocs and avoid the dredful Christmas TV. It was also a good excuse to get some phone signal which was patchy at best in the house and in parts of the town, and phone signal was in abundance when you got to the other side at the station which wss overshadowed by a phone mast.

0 comments have been left11:35 29 Dec 2015Tags: barmouth wales mist bridge hill
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Teggs Nose
Teggs Nose (Nikon D5000)

Todays trip ended up at Teggs Nose but it started out by going to the Cat and Fiddle to have a look at the climb up to the pub because it's one of the climbs in the Macc Monster which I won't be competing in but it did look interesting what with my first flush of success (as far as I'm concerned). Mind you there's a slight difference in the severity and amount of feet required this time, still you never know whether you can do something until you try. Anyway there seemed to be an event on up to the Cat and Fiddle but to be honest it didn't look like the day for it to me, it was wet and a little cold, not really the day for climbing up to the Cat and Fiddle dicing with cars on the way but then again I was in the safety of warm car. So to Teggs Nose. It's a country park with views across to Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales and Alderly Edge to name but a few. In this picture you can even see Jodrell Bank which is easier to see when you're there than on this picture but if you can see a white spot just down from the horizon and off right of the centre, the radio telescope was turning around whilst we were there making it easier to see but it was pretty unmistakable.

0 comments have been left22:12 25 Sep 2011Tags: clouds park jodrell hill
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Mow Cop Castle
Mow Cop Castle (TYTN II)

On a day out to Little Morton Hall we saw this folly on the hill. Assuming that it was in fact a ruin we asked at Little Morton Hall to find that the building is actually complete and built for the people of Mow Cop in 1754. Of course I could prattle on or I could as usual direct you to a brief Wikipedia article on Mow Cop Castle.

0 comments have been left20:10 9 May 2008Tags: moreton mow cop hill folly
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Pendle Hill
Pendle Hill (Nisis DV5)

We circled Pendle Hill a few times I think. The strategy was to confuse and confound the hill before the attack or you might think we didn't know where we were going. There were plenty of signs telling us that we weren't where we wanted to be but no signs telling us where we should go.

Since the hill is a few meters off mountain classification you can be assured we didn't attempt an assent. Slightly lost we followed some likely punters with walking boots only to find they lived there and we were following them home. Not wanting to look foolish we carried on our way as if we intended to go where we were going and so embarked on a walking spree to... nowhere.

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