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Jodrell's Pictures

Slow Accident Warning
Slow Accident Warning (Nikon D5000)

Another disappointing visit to Jodrell Bank. I know I shouldn't be so upset at them, they have work to do which was quite evident when they were rotating the dish, however as my Wife said, it's a place we go every so often hoping it would be better only to be disappointed again. I'm like that with Blackpool but I think I finally took the hint from my previous visits that it was never a place I would enjoy despite the years of it being fantastic when I was a kid. Either I have changed or Blackpool has and I think it's a little of both.

Anyway is it bigger now but still as uninspired as it was last time. I am sure that when I was a kid you used to be able to control a dish to find the Sun, yes the Sun... how interesting is that... well when you think about it it's not because finding the sun is quite easy, just divert you eyes to the sky, but when you control a blinking dish then yes it's damn fun.

So to the pic. This has to go in the daft signs collection. So you have to proceed SLOWLEY... is that so that you have a slow and interesting crash? Surely it must be carefully. Personally I don't think that heavy vehicles will be travelling that fast so caution and speed would be the best option but SLOWLEY? It's a narrow track too so they'll be small and heavy. If you do have a “crash” would you ring the emergency services and tell them that they should take half an hour because the crash might just be finished by then?

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Teggs Nose
Teggs Nose (Nikon D5000)

Todays trip ended up at Teggs Nose but it started out by going to the Cat and Fiddle to have a look at the climb up to the pub because it's one of the climbs in the Macc Monster which I won't be competing in but it did look interesting what with my first flush of success (as far as I'm concerned). Mind you there's a slight difference in the severity and amount of feet required this time, still you never know whether you can do something until you try. Anyway there seemed to be an event on up to the Cat and Fiddle but to be honest it didn't look like the day for it to me, it was wet and a little cold, not really the day for climbing up to the Cat and Fiddle dicing with cars on the way but then again I was in the safety of warm car. So to Teggs Nose. It's a country park with views across to Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales and Alderly Edge to name but a few. In this picture you can even see Jodrell Bank which is easier to see when you're there than on this picture but if you can see a white spot just down from the horizon and off right of the centre, the radio telescope was turning around whilst we were there making it easier to see but it was pretty unmistakable.

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Jodrell Bank Revisited
Jodrell Bank Revisited (Nisis DV5)

Yes again it's a slow picture week, busy busy busy. This has to change soon as I'm getting tired of trawling through old pictures to put up, I'd much prefer to get out there and actually take some.

Here's a picture of the side of the dish at Jodrell Bank, I think it's a matter of taste put I like the part shot here rather than trying to get the whole thing in I think it makes it more interesting. It could of course be mistaken for a bad picture... you decide.

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Deep Dish
Deep Dish (QTEK 9100)

A view Jodrell Bank's Lovell Telescope. I quite like the shot, however the visit was less impressive than this rather average picture. Since the whole places seems to be under construction at the moment, the tour consists of a shop, a cafe and a small room that's more or less the waiting room to go into the 3D Cinema tour which has a few exhibits in it. It’s a long way to go for just that. It was raining too... I knew we should have gone to the sweet factory for a tour, that would have been better I'm sure.

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