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Stop... Bullet Time
Stop... Bullet Time (QTEK 9100)

Nothing much ado today. Not even a cat to be ignored by as most of today was taken up by travel or activities associated with moving from one hotel to another. Out of our temporary Yokohama home to move to our new temporary Kyoto home. Travel this time was courtesy of the Bullet Train or the Shinkansen as they call it here. In fact if you use the term Bullet Train then you just get blank looks. To be honest the train is OK and anything you would expect from a fast train service in any country, but at 40,000Yen which is 260GBP for an hour and a half’s journey, I think I would like a little bit more, but perhaps I am being picky. However if we had chosen to use our rail pass (that wasn’t cheap either, not sure if that was a wise purchase) it would have take about 5 hours. Needless to say that the Shinkansen has us over a barrel. One trip to Hiroshima from here will be impossible without it, and who wants to take 5 hours to get back to Tokyo when you know then next thing you’ll do is sit on a plane for 11 hours plus. Anyway, can’t complain to be honest, it’s what travelling is all about. Learning how not to do it, but having fun trying... to get it right.

Ah I nearly forgot in all of that complaining, this is the view from the hotel in Kusatsu, well this is what the view is like in silhouette.

0 comments have been left10:52 8 Apr 2016Tags: silhouette kusatsu japan building
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Rome Skyline
Rome Skyline (Nikon D5000)

It was the Vatican and the Cistine Chappel today since it was closed yesterday. Of course since it was closed yesterday it was twice as busy today which made it hard going. I think the main problem with it is that there is so much hype about it so when you do get to see it after all the effort, queues and crowds, it all appears to be a little bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong the Cistine chappel is impressive but because it was at the end of the tour I sort of wanted to get gone. Mind you a walk along the river at around sunset as the starlings were turning tricks in the sky was much more acceptable. The picture is of a sillohete of the skyline to the left of Peter's Basilica, unfortunately due to the brightnes of the scene the Auto Focus didn't do it's job and IT failed to notice so it is slitly out of focus, still I like it so here it is.

0 comments have been left20:08 2 Nov 2012Tags: silhouette rome sunset skyline
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Cat Silhouette
Cat Silhouette (Pentax Optio 50)

We came back after a day out and since it was a sunny day the cat was as usual sat in the window behind the blinds catching the rays like cats do. The blinds often cause problems for the cat, they're not so simple to get through for a cat I am sure but he perseveres. At this point he's trying to wonder what's going on.

Not much of a description for this one because there isn't, I just liked the shot. You choose.

0 comments have been left23:20 30 Apr 2009Tags: silhouette cat sunny blinds
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Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow
Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow (Pentax Optio 50)

On a short trip to the park this time not as foggy as the last time and this time I had a full compliment of family with me not just me out testing my camera. In fact we were out trying to look for flowers for my daughter's homework. My wife pointed out the rainbow which initially I didn't believe because it hadn't rained (not that it needs to), then on further inspection there it was.

This picture is a little messed with. The contrast has just been upped which has darkened the trees to a silhouette and brought out the colours in the overcast sky.

0 comments have been left16:21 15 Nov 2008Tags: silhouette park rainbow clouds sky
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Liverpool Silhouette
Liverpool Silhouette (Minolta X500)

Just outside the Museum in the centre of Liverpool is this sight. I wish I'd have looked at what the statue was so I could tell you about it. If I'm lucky someone will comment on this picture and tell you/me, however I suspect I'll get the same old spam from the comments.

0 comments have been left22:34 10 Jun 2007Tags: liverpool silhouette tower statue
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Conway at Dusk
Conway at Dusk (Nisis DV5)

Another picture of the walls though you can't make them out too much with the contrast. As you can see the tide was out so you can see the footprints of animals taking advantage of the lack of water. On the left there's the castle and in the middle the town.

0 comments have been left20:15 18 Feb 2007Tags: conway castle silhouette
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Just Down from Charlestown
Just Down from Charlestown (Minolta X500)

This cheaky little number is a picture of a beach that was under construction... well not the bit I was on or taking a pic of, but the rest of it was. After a hard day of being burned I stayed by the rocks and took this little number. I'd no idea it would look as good as I thought it would do because of my constant complaints about the screens on digital cameras. I have complained long and hard but does anyone listen... no. It was a sunny day despite the look of it going dark soon!

0 comments have been left22:17 3 Jun 2006Tags: charlestown beach silhouette
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