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Liverpool's Pictures

Cathedral Front View
Cathedral Front View (Pentax Optio 50)

I did take a picture this weekend but decided it really wasn't that good. Not that the intention was great photography. We had a few minutes to spare and lots of food from M&S but nowhere nice to nosh it. Without any idea of a decent place we decided on Alderley Edge and we sat like I have seen a few people in our car eating. I have often wondered why people do this because the view from where you park your car is rubbish. So I took a picture of the fantastic view which amounts to my steering wheel and a hedge. Even if the hedge were not there is nothing to see but a field after that. Munching over we left for my brother's house.

This picture is a picture of the front of Liverpool Cathedral. I wasn't too fond of it at the time, but it's better than a picture of a hedge in Alderley Edge.

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Statue of Abraham
Statue of Abraham (Pentax Optio 50)

It was Liverpool today after such a long break from taking pictures. It has three or four weeks since I took a picture to I was definite that even if there was nothing to take a picture of then I would take a picture anyway. The weather was miserable so it looked like a good day for bad pictures and that was sort of true until this one. We initially went to Liverpool to see if my car battery was dead so that we could ring up the AA and wait for them to come all the time suspecting that the actual reason the car wouldn't start was because the starter motor was dead so we might need a flat bed truck to get us home. The plan would only work if we left the car for a period of time so we embarked on a shopping trip and then visited the Roman Catholic Cathedral. I must admit the building wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be but perhaps I built it up in my mind and the day was overcast so no sun came in to light up the place. The most impressive thing I saw was this statue of Abraham. It's an impressive statue which I think is cast in bronze, but it please don't quote me on this. After talking to a Cannon (I think) he seemed to suggest that some people actually hat the state because he looks menacing... hmmm so we have to have nice fluffy statues in churches now to please people? I like it. Apparently some people had even told him that they hate the Cathedral, in which case then they can leave the front doors and keep walking in about 15-20 minutes they will meet a Cathedral that will be more to their taste. I must admit parts of it do look a little like school on close up but I do like it, as for the fact that the car park is underneath the Cathedral it just seems the ideal church of the future where space is limited and it was built in the 60s. It's just a pity we missed the organ being played which on just finished as we entered the front doors.

All in all though we did escape Liverpool with the help from a very nice man from the AA. Now I have the task of finding a battery for the car my own fault, I thought it was dyeing a week ago and did... nothing.

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Liverpool Silhouette
Liverpool Silhouette (Minolta X500)

Just outside the Museum in the centre of Liverpool is this sight. I wish I'd have looked at what the statue was so I could tell you about it. If I'm lucky someone will comment on this picture and tell you/me, however I suspect I'll get the same old spam from the comments.

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Interesting Building
Interesting Building (Nisis DV5)

Now this doesn't seem like an interesting picture in many ways other that it's lit with a low winter sun which again isn't interesting to most. The great thing about the winter sun is that it causes quite a bit of contrast, something that I'd love to have captured around Pendle Hill but never got the chance.

No the interesting thing about this picture is the sundial on the building instead of the clock. Personally I don't know how this works but I can only assume it does. How the clock works being vertical is a mystery to me and I'm sure sundials have to be moved during the months to keep the accurate. Perhaps I'm wrong.

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The Liver Building
The Liver Building (Nisis DV5)

Nothing much to day about this for those who know Liverpool only a little bit. I think I have a pic of this in my collection somewhere taken with a 35mm camera in a print in one of the many albums I have, however I thought I would take one for this photoblog.

It was a cold day and after looking at the World Museum and eating at a strange Chinese Restaurant we walked down the the Mersey and this is where this pic was taken. The Mersey always looks wider than I remember it every time which is weird.

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