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Cathedral's Pictures


Milano (Nikon D5000)

It was interesting when I asked the hotel what the best way to get to Milan was. Ironically when she told me that it would be best to go by train because going by car would ba a hassle "after all you're on your holidays" which is fine but because I am on my holiday, the thought of getting up at 7am to catch a train also doesn't seem to be the best thing to do. Still we went and after a long day trudging around a hot Milan I can confirm Milan is a big city. I can also confirm that I have now seen all the top three Cathedrals in the world, this being Milan Cathedral if you can't guess.

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Two Princes
Two Princes (Nikon D5000)

I had Cathedral fatigue at this point so I can't tell you what the heck these two are or were. I just got bored. Here we are at Winchester Cathedral and we have missed the reason why we took the trek down there for. Apparently the Crypt looks great, if you can get down there, apart from the fact that we cant. So we are left to mess about with the rest of it and after a while I got bored and here we are. So when I get bored I start messing with my camera. So this is it. You can tell that we are somewhere Godly because there are the pipes to the organ in the background (I got those in on purpose), but the rest could be anywhere.

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Eagle In Flight
Eagle In Flight (Nikon D5000)

It's been a long time since I took a picture and I think it will be again, but I thought I would grace you with an archive pic from Chester Cathedral. I spent a while taking pictures of this bird and I think this is the best one.

The reason why I took so long is because I wanted to get it right, and I'm not sure I have, I fired off a load of shots to get it right but in the end we have this one. I could see the light coming in from the window in shafts but couldn't capture it as much as I would have liked.

Anyway enjoy the snap

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Palma Cathedral
Palma Cathedral (Orange San Francisco)

On a trip out to Palms we stumbled upon the Cathedral, well we found it stood there right on the front. The guide book suggested that the doors were the best thing and the most impressive thing. The doors were OK but the Cathedral was packed with people ignoring the no photography sign flashing away like no tomorrow. The stained glass windows were quite nice if not a little kaliescope like but the did throw an impressive light over everything.

After all of that we gave up on Palma as I don't think walking was something everyone else was into and seeing the rest of Palma would require a bit of that so we departed for Soller, a beach which would cater for one in our party at least. On the way it was quite obvious (as I had read) that Mallorca is a hit with cyclists. Huge bands of them strung out over the steep climbs, some with support cars, some in teams, but all doing better than I would.

Soller was OK and pretty in its own way but a beach town nonetheless.

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Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral (TYTN II)

What I have found strange is that there no car parks where you park you car and pay when you leave, only pay and display down here which makes it very difficult when you have absolutely no money on you. Despite this we took advantage of a Sainsburys to buy one pack of mints with a tenner.

Anyway on to Canterbury Cathedral, it's huge as you can imagine and similar to Seville's Cathedral in that respect. Unfortunately I felt tired and a bit uninterested in Cathedrals and the like (probably not the best day to be here but never mind). Despite this the Cathedral is beautiful and I'm hoping the picture come out OK so I can share them here at a a later date.

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Inside Amalfi Cathederal
Inside Amalfi Cathederal (TYTN II)

Blimey have I been busy. So busy that I you're unfortunately going to have to put up with another old picture.

I think it's amazing that whilst you're in this Cathedral you have a small courtyard with walkways around that contains such a beautiful view... well I think so. It's seems to be a similar scene in taly and Spain with tower and a beautiful courtyard. It does make you forget the scary steps up and the scary steps that you will have to descend on your way out that you can see on this picture.

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Amalfi Cathedral
Amalfi Cathedral (TYTN II)

A very hot day today. I say today as if it's not hot now. Just imagine a no shirted me typing at his phone with a Nastro. Not a pretty thought I suppose so don't imagine it.

We walked around Amalfi today and there's nothing much here I can report. I suspect it's a Marina for the big boys with their boats. The Cathedral pictured here looks impressive but perhaps I have been spoilt by Seville and Cordoba, so I was left relatively unmoved even if St Andrew's bones are kept there to be dragged out on display every so often. Still the walk up is impressive if not a little worrying especially with a 7 year old in tow.

So after we set down in a bar for lunch that didn't happen in that we were too hot to eat. I asked for a beer and a water. I was asked was size of water and I replied large being thirsty. What turned up was a litre of both as if asking for a small water is an obvious option whereas everyone needs a litre of beer. I struggled but I overcame the beer but had to take the water away thus proving their theory.

Then to the beach and hopefully time to relax. I managed just enough of my book to say that I had started in time to was my daughter attempt to hold back the sea... Sometimes with her face.

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Cathedral Front View
Cathedral Front View (Pentax Optio 50)

I did take a picture this weekend but decided it really wasn't that good. Not that the intention was great photography. We had a few minutes to spare and lots of food from M&S but nowhere nice to nosh it. Without any idea of a decent place we decided on Alderley Edge and we sat like I have seen a few people in our car eating. I have often wondered why people do this because the view from where you park your car is rubbish. So I took a picture of the fantastic view which amounts to my steering wheel and a hedge. Even if the hedge were not there is nothing to see but a field after that. Munching over we left for my brother's house.

This picture is a picture of the front of Liverpool Cathedral. I wasn't too fond of it at the time, but it's better than a picture of a hedge in Alderley Edge.

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Statue of Abraham
Statue of Abraham (Pentax Optio 50)

It was Liverpool today after such a long break from taking pictures. It has three or four weeks since I took a picture to I was definite that even if there was nothing to take a picture of then I would take a picture anyway. The weather was miserable so it looked like a good day for bad pictures and that was sort of true until this one. We initially went to Liverpool to see if my car battery was dead so that we could ring up the AA and wait for them to come all the time suspecting that the actual reason the car wouldn't start was because the starter motor was dead so we might need a flat bed truck to get us home. The plan would only work if we left the car for a period of time so we embarked on a shopping trip and then visited the Roman Catholic Cathedral. I must admit the building wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be but perhaps I built it up in my mind and the day was overcast so no sun came in to light up the place. The most impressive thing I saw was this statue of Abraham. It's an impressive statue which I think is cast in bronze, but it please don't quote me on this. After talking to a Cannon (I think) he seemed to suggest that some people actually hat the state because he looks menacing... hmmm so we have to have nice fluffy statues in churches now to please people? I like it. Apparently some people had even told him that they hate the Cathedral, in which case then they can leave the front doors and keep walking in about 15-20 minutes they will meet a Cathedral that will be more to their taste. I must admit parts of it do look a little like school on close up but I do like it, as for the fact that the car park is underneath the Cathedral it just seems the ideal church of the future where space is limited and it was built in the 60s. It's just a pity we missed the organ being played which on just finished as we entered the front doors.

All in all though we did escape Liverpool with the help from a very nice man from the AA. Now I have the task of finding a battery for the car my own fault, I thought it was dyeing a week ago and did... nothing.

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Seville Cathedral
Seville Cathedral (QTEK 9100)

Not the best time to think of the photoblog really because this is the exit. Luckily I got some pictures with a real camera. Jostling with the fray to get a picture of the main bit of the church. It will all come out horribly wrong I suspect when developed. I did see a set of taps that I took a picture of the last time I was here, which was about umm I don't know perhaps 8-10 years ago. Weirdly enough I saw it with a strange feeling of happiness despite the fact that it would of course be there unchanged.

This picture is of the back of the Cathedral which looks similar to the garden in the Mesquita in Cordoba. Perhaps an early Catholic thing.

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