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Chester's Pictures

The Scream
The Scream (Nikon D5300)

Chester Zoo was the location last weekend. It was overcast and cold, so why not spend the whole day out of doors.. The butterfly house was a challenge as usual in as much as the camera was cold and the house was warm and humid, so everything misted up until the camera came up to temperature, oh and the fact that I don't really like the random way that butterflys randomly flit about as if they're not sure where they're going.

Here we have the lion pen, where there was a lion and two lionesses. I was just watching what was going on, and saw this little girl initially roaring a the lioness. Anyway, I decided to get a picture with the lioness and the girl in frame hoping to get the girl roaring. Little did I know that soemthing had changed and when I got home I saw this picture.

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The Meerkat
The Meerkat (Nikon D5000)

I am sure if it weren't for Aleksandr and his cheap car insurance then the title of this would sound mysterious, could be a name for a novel, perhaps involving spies or even a nick name of a sportsman, but Aleksandr does exist so now all you can think of is car insurance. But no I hear you cry, Zamyatin haven't you been concentrating, Aleksandr is just an innocent by-stander in a mix-up between compare the market and compare the meerkat, did you not take note of his cautionary tale. Ah I say, yes I did take note of this, but I reply, if this is the case, why is he so eager to be co-opted into supplying meerkat soft toys for them all of a sudden then? The reason? He's been paid off, that's why.

Anyway this cheating sand monkey is just sitting there posing for his photo before packing a few soft toys off in the post secure in the knowledge that his millions are intact before he rests his weary meerkat head on a pillow filled with golden goose feathers, don't say it isn't happening, because it is.

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Eagle In Flight
Eagle In Flight (Nikon D5000)

It's been a long time since I took a picture and I think it will be again, but I thought I would grace you with an archive pic from Chester Cathedral. I spent a while taking pictures of this bird and I think this is the best one.

The reason why I took so long is because I wanted to get it right, and I'm not sure I have, I fired off a load of shots to get it right but in the end we have this one. I could see the light coming in from the window in shafts but couldn't capture it as much as I would have liked.

Anyway enjoy the snap

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Remembrance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday (Nikon D5000)

Here at Chester Cathedral are the crosses set in the ground for Remembrance Sunday. Nothing else to say about it really other than on a photography note I used my zoom lens and opened up the aperture to narrow the depth of field. I did take another one with a wide depth of field but it didn't look as good. Some of the pics inside the Cathedral also looked good what with the low sun causing beams to cross the interior. Perhaps on a slow day I shall add some of them, until then you'll just have to imagine and probably imagine them as better than they are.

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Exhibit 57: The Lizard, only 300 to go
Exhibit 57: The Lizard, only 300 to go (Nikon D5000)

When it was suggested that we went to Chester Zoo or Blue Planet Aquarium, I was hping that sense would prevail as I seem to remember I hating Chester Zoo, also the weather didn't look too great, however after turning up I realised that it wasn't Chester Zoo I heted I thought it was the Welsh Mountain Zoo... not the place itself I must stress more the way that we seem to have to go round the Zoo as some sore of tick list of all exhibits apparently defying tiredness or boredom. Personally I'm quite happy giving up half way round leaving my poor feet and my will to live intact. It became apparent at 4:30 that this is a tac tic in any zoo.

Luckily today I had my camera so this helped keep my spirits up and allowed me to take my mind off how long we were there and how many exhibits we were missing, however by 5pm as most people were following the exist signs and we were walking against the flow of traffic that once again we still had things to see, after all we wouldn't possibly leave the Zoo without looking at the Black Rhinos which to all intents and purpose look just like normal Rhinos when viewed 100 yards away.

Anyway back to the pic. It's a Lizard of some sort, but what sort I am not sure, please leave a comment if you know. I was too busy taking pictures to read the sign I am afraid then then we were off to the next one.

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Oh the Excuses Come Thick and Fast
Oh the Excuses Come Thick and Fast (QTEK 9100)

I can see by the amount of archive pics that you're thinking I'm winding down, it's all excuse after excuse after excuse for no more pictures, but since no-one reads this (except for the obvious) I have no public to answer to. Hoorah I am free from the shackles of updating the site due to lack of popularity.

This picture I like. Don't think that when there is nothing doing that I just slap any old picture up this is not the truth. I check my archive and look at what I have regarding all the digital photos I have and in a special exception I'll go through some 35mm.

This picture is rather special because it's a picture taken by my Daughter. Only 5 at the time with no idea how to take a picture then and now we get this gem. Well I like it. It's probably not intentional at all but I like the clouds in the background with the Monkey nets in a skewed Network 7 angle. It's Chester Zoo by the way.

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