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Cross's Pictures

Remembrance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday (Nikon D5000)

Here at Chester Cathedral are the crosses set in the ground for Remembrance Sunday. Nothing else to say about it really other than on a photography note I used my zoom lens and opened up the aperture to narrow the depth of field. I did take another one with a wide depth of field but it didn't look as good. Some of the pics inside the Cathedral also looked good what with the low sun causing beams to cross the interior. Perhaps on a slow day I shall add some of them, until then you'll just have to imagine and probably imagine them as better than they are.

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Hazel Grove Cross
Hazel Grove Cross (QTEK 9100)

It's been a busy weekend and half way through I thought. This will be a great post for Zamyatin, I had so many stories to tell but never noted anything down, but hey. I think you'd have been surprised by an interesting post.

The start of the weekend was all about a broken computer. Semi fixed we headed out to Hazel Grove of all places. I was happy to do this as I needed a break from trying to do a system re-shag. It was an uneventful visit, with charity shops and pound shops aplenty punctuated with a visit to a pet shop and then the peas of resistance which was a proper chippy. Once in we parked ourselves we were served up a rather average meal. Despite that I loved it. It's been ages since I've been to a sit down meal in a chippy, despite chips being under done, the sausage being pink in the middle, they had no bread so I had a barm and the pot of tea turned out to be a cup. Despite it all, it was fantastic.

Back to the picture. Just down from the Civic Hall there is a small park which seems to be dedicated to people who died in World War II. This is the Memorial in the middle which has this impressive (I think that's the word) grass cross on the floor. It's a strange place but quite nice. Just as we walked round the cross in the pic someone sat smoking roll-ups decided to start playing a clip of a cheap high energy classic from the early 90's. It was a strange situation believe you me.

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Oldcastle Cross
Oldcastle Cross (QTEK 9100)

The next in the series of crosses is the Oldcastle in the centre of... Oldcastle. Forget Dunsop Hill and Mevagissey here is the cross of Oldcastle, taken during lunch at the 'Hotel' the cross sports a yellow cabin which is the festival office for the joys to come next week in Oldcastle.

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Dunsop Hill Memorial
Dunsop Hill Memorial (Nisis DV5)

Again for me a memorial. I seem to take a few pictures of memorials. The one is in Dunsop Hill for those who died in the First World War.

We got here because my wife told me the village was supposed to be really beautiful. We got there and it's rather difficult to understand what's beautiful. Don't get me wrong it's not horrible but there's nothing there. Aside from the attendant service petrol station, the post office and the flock of ducks looking for bread there's nothing there. Mind you it looked like when the weather is good people flock there so perhaps it's that we weren't into what Dunsop had to offer which is probably access to a good walk. Unfortunately for Dunsop we were looking for access to a good meal, so it was off to Clitheroe.

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