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Clock's Pictures

Christmas Cheer
Christmas Cheer (Samsung Galaxy S)

After a much needed trip out after so much of the week being spent indoors out of nothing other than laziness we ended up in Leeds, initially to see Temple Newsam which was OK but probably would have been better if the weather was better and more of it was open. At the time there was a wedding in the Great Hall which would have been good to see (the hall not the wedding). It does make you wonder why they allow visitors into the hall if they can't see all of it, despite that they do insist that you get charged full price, so I suspect if you go then you might want to check. Anyway like I say on a cold day there was nothing much happening and so we left to go shopping in Leeds for some reason. When we parked up this greeted us at the back of the building we parked behind. Some inventive clockfacery action was going on.

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A Stopped Clock is Correct Twice a Day
A Stopped Clock is Correct Twice a Day (Nikon D5000)

Whilst I did write about Bologna's train station bomb I never realised that there were two clocks on the station. To be honest I are really three. There are two analogue clocks and a digital one in the middle. I never had the gust to take a picture of the crack in the wall but this I could take because with a zoom lens you can see from our room.

What's weird is that nothing of this is in the guide books but perhaps that's not that weird. It came to light at the end of the swift bus tour of Bologna. It turns out that the clock in the picture that is on the left side of the ticket hall stopped at the time of the bomb and in memory of the incident was kept at the time, the other one on the right still ticks away. Of course the digital one is probably as accurate as it could be.

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Fair Verona
Fair Verona (TYTN II)

In the search of Juliet's house we headed off by train to Verona. As luck would have it she was out which I found ignorant of a dead fictional character, but it did give us chance to nosey around her pad along with a few other people. I found it quite basic there were none of the mod cons that I would have expected and I've seen the film with Leonadro Di Caprio.

As for the picture I couldn't find any information on it. I think it's part of the old walls of the city as there are hints on the map to them existing and this could be them just near the Piazza Bra (no sniggering at the back please). This is just near the rather large Roman arena that I didn't have the guts to get to the top of but my eight year old had no problem with. I'm sure in time many more Verona pictures will appear her on wet Mancunian weekends.

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Interesting Building
Interesting Building (Nisis DV5)

Now this doesn't seem like an interesting picture in many ways other that it's lit with a low winter sun which again isn't interesting to most. The great thing about the winter sun is that it causes quite a bit of contrast, something that I'd love to have captured around Pendle Hill but never got the chance.

No the interesting thing about this picture is the sundial on the building instead of the clock. Personally I don't know how this works but I can only assume it does. How the clock works being vertical is a mystery to me and I'm sure sundials have to be moved during the months to keep the accurate. Perhaps I'm wrong.

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Big Ben by Night
Big Ben by Night (Sony Ericsson K700i)

The K700i again ruining what might have been a good shot of Big Ben.

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Big Ben
Big Ben (Nisis DV5)

From the coach the DV5 kicked out this quite nice pic. Not great, I missed the very top, but we were moving some.

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