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Bologna's Pictures

A Stopped Clock is Correct Twice a Day
A Stopped Clock is Correct Twice a Day (Nikon D5000)

Whilst I did write about Bologna's train station bomb I never realised that there were two clocks on the station. To be honest I are really three. There are two analogue clocks and a digital one in the middle. I never had the gust to take a picture of the crack in the wall but this I could take because with a zoom lens you can see from our room.

What's weird is that nothing of this is in the guide books but perhaps that's not that weird. It came to light at the end of the swift bus tour of Bologna. It turns out that the clock in the picture that is on the left side of the ticket hall stopped at the time of the bomb and in memory of the incident was kept at the time, the other one on the right still ticks away. Of course the digital one is probably as accurate as it could be.

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Bologna Gates
Bologna Gates (HTC Touch Pro 2)

On a rather speed bus trip around Bologna we saw many fantastic features of Bologna some of which we saw on the walk around Bologna on Sunday. The features we didn't we saw today at speed in an open toped bus. Here is one of the many gates that surround Bologna that would have been connected by the old town walls. Because of the speed of the bus and the unwillingness of the Touch Pro 2 to take a picture when asked the picture isn't centred, anticipating this I moved the phone hoping to get it right. I am glad however that the gates are in the picture at least.

Other sights we past were a church on a hill overlooking Bologna (San Michelle in Bosco), many statues with their back to us and a church in memory of a martyr who's head was cut off on the hill, his reaction to this was to pick up his head and wander into town to die which was quite impressive.

After the hour trip it was time for a sit. All that driving about sat down was rather tiring when hurtling down cobbled single lane roads at speed.

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Twin Towers
Twin Towers (HTC Touch Pro 2)

This is a pic of the Due Torri one of the two remaining towers in Bologna. As anyone who has seen Francheso de Mosto's program will be able to tell you, these towers were built to impress people and show power and wealth. So it would com as no surprise that there used to be hundreds in Bologna and now there are only two.

Bologna appears to be old world Italy. Buildings rather drab and square on the outside. Nothing like the impressive and ornate buildings you see in Florence. The place is nonetheless impressive, where else can you find a station where a crack in the wall caused by a terrorists bomb has been preserved or a rather surprising statue of Neptune or perhaps the grandest entrance I have ever seen to a public park?

Despite the amount of interesting stuff, it is far too warm here so there is only so much you can see before you have to run for the shelter of a bar... It's tough out here!

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