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Cat's Pictures

Cat Call
Cat Call (Nikon D5300)

It’s been a busy old day and really not much to talk about as far as pictures are concerned. So glad this is a photoblog. To start the weather was against us, and then the lack of photo ops didn’t help, hence I have a billion pictures of cats. More about that later.

It all started at the busiest junction in Tokyo. Shibuya crossing is apparently legendary, but perhaps that’s when it’s not lashing it down. However it’s our last day in Tokyo so we need to do everything we can to see the default Tokyo things and despite all I have been told about how mental Tokyo is, I have yet to see it. Yes it’s busy but it isn’t anything too bad. So after a bit of messing about, we were off to Harajuka and Takeshita Street which seems to be 100% orientated to Japanese teenage girls. Needless to say I had nothing to offer here other than my ability to pay.

So off to Nakano Broadway, a 4 story shopping centre dedicated to all sorts, there’s a bit of Manga, some clothes and a bit of tech. Weirdly enough there was a formula 1 store which I could have sat in for hours, though I suspect they would have chucked me out after and hour or two. If only I could have afforded the Ayrton Senna 1994 race suit.

In the bottom floor of Nakano Broadway was a very impressive arcade and to be honest I should had a go. They had capsules to play games that were then streamed on YouTube. Instead of doing that we spent too long trying to get a bog standard towel from a grabber machine. We won, but at what cost. I want that time back, you can keep the money.

So we then headed across town to a cat cafe. Now, there was a huge gap between what these places are vs what I thought they would be to such an extent that when we walked in I thought the cat thing was a front. Anyway it’s a bit of a weird place, and perhaps the place we went to was not a typical Japanese cat cafe, but it was down a back street and not very many Japanese were in the cafe, in fact I would say that as soon as we turned up the three European looking blokes who were there made a hasty exit as soon as we arrived. Not much coffee (none) was drunk of at 1000 Yen an hour it seems to be more catisfaction from cats that really aren’t bothered whether you’re there or not. In fact they would rather you were not there.

Anyway, this is a pic of the junction on the walk from the station to the cat cafe. Nothing great to report, but it seemed quite impressive as the light started to fade.

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Knowsley Lioness
Knowsley Lioness (Nikon D5300)

After a quiet weekend we headed off to Knowsley Safari Park and I decided to crack out my zoom lens to see what I could see. Unfortunately with the reflections of the window sometimes all I could see was the inside of the car and no I didn't want to open the window for a better shot, in the lion enclosure. As usual we headed out when the weather was good and headed to a place where it was overcast most of the time which never helps when you're taking pictures.

Mind you there was nothing extraordinary, just the usual, ostriches trying to see if you have any food, lions lazing about and the apes making mischief with the cars.

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Cat Silhouette
Cat Silhouette (Pentax Optio 50)

We came back after a day out and since it was a sunny day the cat was as usual sat in the window behind the blinds catching the rays like cats do. The blinds often cause problems for the cat, they're not so simple to get through for a cat I am sure but he perseveres. At this point he's trying to wonder what's going on.

Not much of a description for this one because there isn't, I just liked the shot. You choose.

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Demon Programmer
Demon Programmer (QTEK 9100)

Just a quick snap of the cat who appears addicted to my laptop. If I sit down and start messing with the laptop the cat decides to sit in the most inconvenient place. I don't know why he like it so much, It also appears that the more important the task I have to do the more the cat gets in the way. So if I have to do some work out of hours then the cat is here quicker than if I'd have opened a can of Tuna. He starts by pawing at my arm because it's in his way, and then he just plonks hinself down, arm or no arm, head just near the mouse (ah perhaps that's it) pad pinning my right arm to my leg.

At least he has stopped walking over the keyboard, which was a little scary when I was logged into one of our live machines at work. One incorrect key press as I'm editing a file and who knows what could happen, so as you can imagine the first (and last) time he did that I did have a quite a bit of checking to do to confirm that nothing had gone awry.

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Sleepy Cat
Sleepy Cat (QTEK 9100)

Not an important picture but it's sort of interesting. For the first time, this photoblog can be 100% mobile. Taken with my new device the QTEC 9100 I can (if it works) allows me to take pictures from the QTEK and then add a blog or photoblog entry from the QTEK. This is an important turning point for Zamyatin, it means that there may be more rubbish pictures with badly typed text. So I don't repeat myself I shall add stuff to the Equipment section to say how I find the QTEK. Lazy me means that this may take time.

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Curvy Cat
Curvy Cat (Lomo Fisheye)

Just a quick picture of our cat with the Lomo Fisheye camera. This is just about the best picture it has taken, the rest of the pictures were too dark (I put a 100ASA film in the camera and it needs a 400) or they were flooded with flash making us all look like people from the Adams Family. This one I like, thought the processing seems to have left a few marks on our poor cat. Mind you despite that he's doing his all to look ferret like.

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Pants Cat
Pants Cat (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Our poor cat, not only has he had to put up with my daughter, he how has to put up with someone putting a pair of knickers in his head. He puts up with everything admirably.

0 comments have been left18:52 14 Aug 2005Tags: cat knickers home
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