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Grass's Pictures


Knowsley Lioness
Knowsley Lioness (Nikon D5300)

After a quiet weekend we headed off to Knowsley Safari Park and I decided to crack out my zoom lens to see what I could see. Unfortunately with the reflections of the window sometimes all I could see was the inside of the car and no I didn't want to open the window for a better shot, in the lion enclosure. As usual we headed out when the weather was good and headed to a place where it was overcast most of the time which never helps when you're taking pictures.

Mind you there was nothing extraordinary, just the usual, ostriches trying to see if you have any food, lions lazing about and the apes making mischief with the cars.

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Dear Oh Deer
Dear Oh Deer (Nikon D5300)

Well bearing in mind I've not taken a picture for ages then I needed to get out and a picture of a dear is better than nothing despite the fact that I have quite a few images of dear in my collection. Like I say, the sun was out and so was I, so it was time to celebrate with a picture. To be honest it nearly didn't happen what with everything going on this weekend, but I was insistent and persistent and so we went out. Lucky really because I think the prediction in the middle of the week was it was going to rain all weekend.

Anyway, this is a little deer in the park and that's about it. The ice-cream queue was as long as ever and the wind was a little cold, but apart from the occasional brave dear getting close to the paths, nothing more to report really.

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Deer Deer
Deer Deer (Nikon D5300)

Tatton Park again and what else would I be taking pictures of? Ducks, no that's Reddish Vales job to house ducks for the taking of pictures. No Tatton Park is the second place to go if you want to take pictures of Deer, naturally the first place is Dunham Masey, but since we didn't think we could take the excitement, we dialled it all the way back to number 2 and headed out to Tatton.

To be honest with the cold, deer were the only things of note, everything was safely tucked up in bed by the looks of it unlike the visitors to Tatton Park, so a quick tour it was, I bagged 50+ bad pictures of deer and then homeward bound.

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Stonehenge (Nikon D5000)

You have to start worrying when I can't think of anything better to title this item but I can't so hang onto your hat as this seems to be a totally inspired bit of writing coming at you at high speed. If you do feel the urge do stop half way through as I don't want anyone fainting.

Bet you can't guess where this place it. Yes you are correct, it's Stonehenge. It's strange really because really iy should be two words surely, it should be Stone Henge as it is a Stone Henge and not a Stonehenge, though I'm sure that this has now become the name of the place which was unimaginatively named just like the title, so it's a Stone Henge in Stonehenge just like there was a little skirmish in a place called Skirmish... no I mean Battle.

Of course what with me being busy there has been no time to take any pictures at all, in fact I did take a few just the other day of a beach but they were rubbish and I would not insult you with them, so perhaps I will be luckier within the next week, however I wouldn't bet on it to be honest.

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Smithills Open Farm
Smithills Open Farm (Nikon D5000)

Now I know what they mean about it being an open farm because it's open to visitors but the word open just makes me think of the word open in Open Prison. Are the animals allowed out for weekends or in the case of famous inmates are they allowed to write books on their lives etc. Either way if they are allowed out then they were all present and correct for this overcast Bank Holiday Monday.

It's not a bad place and it's right next door to Smithills Hall which I wouldn't have minded going to have a look at but we never had time. There are lots of animals to see and as a sub-venture which is Smithills Open Farm Birds of Prey which even has it's own waste of time website and of course birds of prey which all looked a little dejected as they all sat tethered and soaked. Still there were quite a few animals to stroke and avoid and look a little scared at or frighten off depending on who was more frightened. They had the usual, cute little pigs -which I refused to take pictures of because I have far too many, pictures that is- goats, sheep, snakes and the like. They also had some deer or antelope that made a squeaking sound which sounded like they needed oiling which was just weird, initially I thought the sound was coming from some birds until sure enough it was the deer.

Anyway just down from the rusty deer were some goats as pictured, they also looked cute and I spied two baby goats sat together, I tried getting a good picture of the two sat together but it didn't work out too well so you'll just have to be happy with the one.

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Expecting to Fly
Expecting to Fly (Nikon D5000)

Back at Cotebrook we were looking into a field and saw this flutter by and rest on the grass. I was quite patient and tried to wait for it to turn around and show it's red wings a little better but no so I got lower and grabbed my zoom lens and this is what I got. Well in fact I got loads of pictures and not just of horses and butterflys some of them were pretty good.

After the day I've had just staring at a picture of a butterfly (moths with colour really) might just be the ticket. How about you? Of course anyone who reads this might help my telling me what the butterfly is.

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Deer oh Deer
Deer oh Deer (Nikon D5000)

Dunham Massey is full of Deer and so a day out at Dunham was a Deerfest as far a pictures were concerned... and to be honest I got a little bored of taking pictures of... Deer. So with so many Deer you would expect loads of good pictures of... Deer. You would be wrong. Perhaps I'm a little rubbish or a little hard on myself but I think there was only one really good picture and this was it.

However they were all out, people with huge lenses and tripods and a the car park was brimming. Not the day to go out I think other than the fact that it was a really warm and sunny day. Trust us to choose that.

Anyway I thought that this was a good pic, there were other ones but not many.

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Frog Too
Frog Too (HTC Touch Pro 2)

In a similar place to the last frog picture, in fact just a few meters down, but this time clearer and with a better camera and probably just about the same size I think.

Of course the day did not start with frog watching, in fact the day started with Tabley Hall. We started out late but obviously not late enough, but we didn't realise at the time when we arrived because we were all starving and ended up in the Tea Room there which was pretty fantastic. After feasting on a weird but really nice ploghmans and coffee we went off to view the hall that was closed until 2pm and there was no way that we were ready to wait for another hour for it to open no matter how great the idea of going back to the Tea Room and eating cake and grabbing another coffee seem to be, so we headed off to Cotebrook to find some beads. Needless to say I did not partake in the bead mania that followed.

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Network 7's Bramhall Hall
Network 7's Bramhall Hall (Pentax Optio 50)

My Wife would hate this one for two reasons. For a start it's too dark and as for the angle that's just bad... So it's a good job that my wife doesn't run this site otherwise the Llandudno picture would have been more bland and dark to have been on the site... she said.

This time I took the shot for the clouds and the angle because I couldn't go any further back, so this was the only way to get the whole thing in.

We did the the tour and it was OK and I must admit I was surprised, mainly because I'd been to the hall twice before other than as a tourist and I'd never seen the whole place.

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Hampton Court Round Two
Hampton Court Round Two (Minolta X500)

Since it's all a bit slow on the picture front here is a picture I recently got back from my 35mm of Hampton Court. Yes a film camera. I have a Zoom lens with the Minolta which when unzoomed completely is a little wide angled as you might be able to see, gives some impressive panoramic pictures. The light in this one isn't great but it does give an impression of size.

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