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Farm's Pictures

Wooden Pigs
Wooden Pigs (Nikon D5000)

It's back to the carvings collection on a trip out to Tatton Park. After a cycle to Blackpool for the British Heart Foundation last weekend, this weekend was all about relaxation. So off to Tatton we went mainly to go to the farm which as you may know if you read this blog at all then as usual I have come away with a stock photo of a pig. If you don't believe me just type pig into the search box and see what happens... hmm I just did that, ti didn't seem too bad. OK the number of pictures I have isn't the problem, it's the fact that so many people click through from google after a search for pigs, and not just in English either.

Anyway this is a pig picture with a difference in that they pigs are wooden. What's quite interesting is that I also got a nearly identical picture of real pigs, it was uncanny. Anyway I liked the pic with the light and the sky behind (which is the way I planned it) as well as the fact that it's just quite a nice carving.

0 comments have been left21:43 8 Oct 2012Tags: pig tatton park farm chainsaws
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Smithills Open Farm
Smithills Open Farm (Nikon D5000)

Now I know what they mean about it being an open farm because it's open to visitors but the word open just makes me think of the word open in Open Prison. Are the animals allowed out for weekends or in the case of famous inmates are they allowed to write books on their lives etc. Either way if they are allowed out then they were all present and correct for this overcast Bank Holiday Monday.

It's not a bad place and it's right next door to Smithills Hall which I wouldn't have minded going to have a look at but we never had time. There are lots of animals to see and as a sub-venture which is Smithills Open Farm Birds of Prey which even has it's own waste of time website and of course birds of prey which all looked a little dejected as they all sat tethered and soaked. Still there were quite a few animals to stroke and avoid and look a little scared at or frighten off depending on who was more frightened. They had the usual, cute little pigs -which I refused to take pictures of because I have far too many, pictures that is- goats, sheep, snakes and the like. They also had some deer or antelope that made a squeaking sound which sounded like they needed oiling which was just weird, initially I thought the sound was coming from some birds until sure enough it was the deer.

Anyway just down from the rusty deer were some goats as pictured, they also looked cute and I spied two baby goats sat together, I tried getting a good picture of the two sat together but it didn't work out too well so you'll just have to be happy with the one.

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Apple Jack's Hero Pigs
Apple Jack's Hero Pigs (Pentax Optio 50)

Apple Jacks's Farm was the order of the day today which on the whole is a strange place and not what you expect. With activities like Archery, an air pressure gun that fires tennis balls and a bouncy pillow to jump on it was defiantly not your average farm exhibit, so you wouldn't be surprised to find pig racing here which is what this is. Well it would have been pig racing if the pigs could be bothered. Today it was more a case of a man showing the pigs their lunch and then running off around the circuit twice which did work to some extent however the clever pigs decided that going the opposite way round the track to head their meal off.

I knew a few things about pigs but I never realised that “Pigs bite danger”. Perhaps it's these pigs that bite danger but I can't help feeling that the sign should be longer and say something to the effect of “Pigs bite danger, laugh in the face of adversity and tweak the nose of fear”.

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