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A Collection of Mansells
A Collection of Mansells (Canon PowerShot SX230 HS)

At the Mansell Collection, which is disappointingly only has a small collection of Mansells and instead seems to be full of cars and car bits. So as you an guess, this weekend we were in Jersey. Fun for the whole family if it weren't for the fact that not all the family was there and the wind was so bad it made each flight (and there were 4) really quite horrendous. In fact the flights got worse with each one, saving the mother of all killer landings to the end which is not fun in the best of times, but bearing in mind I don't know what time I got to bed because I was in the residents bar to stupid o'clock, then it all added up to be a complete arse.

Anyway, back to the Mansell Collection which is basically a £10 jaunt in one small room packed with trophies and cars with the every excited Nigel narrating you through every detail as only a Nigel can. Still I did find out that there is a Birkin 7 which is basically a Caterham/Lotus 7 for the US market, but I'm not sure that little factoid is worth £10.

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A Mini Revolution
A Mini Revolution (Nikon D5300)

We were out in Snetterton this weekend and it was a Mini whitewash. We saw 2 Mini qualifying sessions and two Mini races along with other stuff such as Karts on a real circuit and they were flying.

To be honest the two Mini races were really pretty impressive, with the guys at the front running really closefor much of the race, and some daring moves happeining on the outsides of the corners.

To highlight the depths to which the Mini divers were going, if they were committed at Agostini then the front left would lift into the corner with the back left lifting on the double apex corner, as you can see, we have a pair of rear lifters which I think is an easier job than having the front left lift as at the same time as keeping control of the whole situation.

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The Safety Car is Out
The Safety Car is Out (Nikon D5000)

It's been a long ay at Oulton Park, It starts early and b the time you end up getting home you're shattered. All well worth it though, and the first time we have been in one of the stands. The Stand we were in was a Lodge corner It's not a bad corner, quite fast and into the start/finish straight, but by that time, all of the pack seems to have settled down, still I think it was a relatively bog standard set of racing today, reasonably unchanged from lights to flag, mind you when I watch the replay that I have recorded, this may show a different picture. However one thing I haven't seen before is the Safety car breaking down. I'm not 100% sure if it was supposed to go in on that lap, but the pack decided that whilst it's lights weren't out, the fact that it was leaving the track was the signal that it was time to race. At that point the safety car halted. Needless to say that the picture is of one of the many times that the safety car came out.

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Apple Jack's Hero Pigs
Apple Jack's Hero Pigs (Pentax Optio 50)

Apple Jacks's Farm was the order of the day today which on the whole is a strange place and not what you expect. With activities like Archery, an air pressure gun that fires tennis balls and a bouncy pillow to jump on it was defiantly not your average farm exhibit, so you wouldn't be surprised to find pig racing here which is what this is. Well it would have been pig racing if the pigs could be bothered. Today it was more a case of a man showing the pigs their lunch and then running off around the circuit twice which did work to some extent however the clever pigs decided that going the opposite way round the track to head their meal off.

I knew a few things about pigs but I never realised that “Pigs bite danger”. Perhaps it's these pigs that bite danger but I can't help feeling that the sign should be longer and say something to the effect of “Pigs bite danger, laugh in the face of adversity and tweak the nose of fear”.

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A1 GP Manchester
A1 GP Manchester (Nisis DV5)

Just a quick montage of pictures from a video I took, hence the resolution is a little poor. It's the DV 5 again if you hadn't guessed; I took the Rollei but never used it.

The middle two are when the Irish (I'm assuming he is Irish. I know nothing about A1 GP) guy stopped right in front of us and lit up the tyres, it's strange and it probably sounds sad but that got us all giggling like school girls, it was pretty impressive.

The last one is the last lap. Whilst there was no racing, it was a pretty good show, and if it happens again, you can be sure I shall be there.

0 comments have been left19:38 15 Aug 2006Tags: motorsport racing manchester
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