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Trees's Pictures

Norstell Priory
Norstell Priory (Nikon D5300)

Well I think by now you'll realise that we went to Norstell Priory and dubious thinks goes to Henry VIII for the reformation, without wich the National Trust would not have had a country house to show on the present grounds, so needless to say, there is no Priory anymore.

It's an interesting house of not a little similar to a lot of country houses, i.e. bedrooms arranged around a central straircase/atrium with a large entrance hall accessed by two large extenral sweeping stair cases. Still for a day out it's good to walk around and trip around the gardens and grounds.

This picture is from within the obelisk which used to be the gate house which people actually lived in which is surprising since the place is so small and it was inhabited until the 50s. After we had looked around the obelisk, we were just about to leave when a group (not the collective noun) or cows gathered to see what was going on. The question is, are the bars keeping us out or them in, or us out and them in?

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Not The Amazing Kreskin
Not The Amazing Kreskin (Nikon D5300)

When I was a kid, the face that showed up on the telly when the Amazing Kreskin came on, scared the heck out of me, and it wasn't that scary. I shall have to find in into to see how I fare now. But to be honest this face from Burghley House's sculpture garden isn't exactly a nice one, and they have two. Whilst I have heard of the uncanny valley, this isn't even close to that, it's just sort of ot nice.

Despite this, they do have a few other installations that are interesting like the Pac Man one that I stumbled upon, I personally liked it because it was fun and just something out of ordinary... not that a 10ft face mask isn't. Still the house is nice to visit and the gardens are pretty impressive what with the surprising part, which is a little bit of a Italianesque formal garden with something a bit different. If you're in the area it's definitely worth the trip.

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Deer Deer
Deer Deer (Nikon D5300)

Tatton Park again and what else would I be taking pictures of? Ducks, no that's Reddish Vales job to house ducks for the taking of pictures. No Tatton Park is the second place to go if you want to take pictures of Deer, naturally the first place is Dunham Masey, but since we didn't think we could take the excitement, we dialled it all the way back to number 2 and headed out to Tatton.

To be honest with the cold, deer were the only things of note, everything was safely tucked up in bed by the looks of it unlike the visitors to Tatton Park, so a quick tour it was, I bagged 50+ bad pictures of deer and then homeward bound.

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Ness Gardens
Ness Gardens (Nikon D5300)

We went to Ness Gardens today which happen to have gardens and I assume the Ness Monster, however the monster wasn't there or was hiding when we were there, probably a little too cold for it, it was probably out somewhere warm like Loch Ness.

It has the usual Halloween themes running through the gardens with scarecrows all over the place and a spooky barn, to be honest, it was all OK and the light was pretty poor for pictures, but I don't think this one turned out too bad, at least there's a bit of colour in it which is difficult sometimes in autumn with the light the way it is.

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Its a Horse of Course of Course, the Famous Mr Lead
Its a Horse of Course of Course, the Famous Mr Lead (Nikon D5000)

Well it could be Lead but I doubt it and wouldn't it be brilliant if it were a real horse and I had stod there for ages trying to get the perfect span. Of course even for a static horse it wasn't that simple after a couple decided to stand next to the horse for 5 minutes as I waited for them to bugger off. That's how patient I was, committed to the Zamyatin cause.

It's a pic at Chatsworth which has seen fit to drop artwork all around the grounds. Must admit it's quite nice to stumble on one of these things, even if some of them are just completely weird like the sculpture of a couple of people that seem to have been made by a 3 year old missing heads and all sorts. In the summer house there is a fan from a jet engine which was impressive but I don't really think the picture I took did it justice.

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Hulme Pit
Hulme Pit (Nikon D5000)

It's history weekend this weekend, what with Denton's hisory with mining we had a history trip or walk as you might also know it to see if we would see any of the remains of the many pits in Denton. Of course with no real hope of finding anything it did starts as a walk and the lack of Top Pit which was supposed to be the biggest really did make us think that there was no chance of finding anything at all. In fact it was only when we found Hulme Pit that we realised that we might have seen Top Pit but we just didn't know what we were looking for. It all looked a bit modern... not that I have any idea what to expect. Of course we realised that we were near Hulme Pit when we saw a sign by the side of the Tame pointing us to Hulme Pit, which looked like it had a stand for a placard with explanation but the placard had since gone which was a pity.

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A Petrol Station at the End of the Rainbow
A Petrol Station at the End of the Rainbow (Pentax Optio 50)

After a walk in Dunham Massey we came home missing all of the rain before and after. On the way back I had to pop into Sainsburys. As we approached it rained hard and then stopped and the sun came out. Travelling around the roundabout towards Sainsburys I notices the rainbow, well I didn't see the whole thing but I saw the start and the end and pointed it out to my Daughter. When I stopped I asked my wife whether she saw it unbeknown to be that it was still there right behind my back. Unfortunately I didn't get it all in. I would have needed my Macro lens but I nonetheless got what looks to be part of a double rainbow which appeared and disappeared as the grey cloud crossed the sky.

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