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House's Pictures

Norstell Priory
Norstell Priory (Nikon D5300)

Well I think by now you'll realise that we went to Norstell Priory and dubious thinks goes to Henry VIII for the reformation, without wich the National Trust would not have had a country house to show on the present grounds, so needless to say, there is no Priory anymore.

It's an interesting house of not a little similar to a lot of country houses, i.e. bedrooms arranged around a central straircase/atrium with a large entrance hall accessed by two large extenral sweeping stair cases. Still for a day out it's good to walk around and trip around the gardens and grounds.

This picture is from within the obelisk which used to be the gate house which people actually lived in which is surprising since the place is so small and it was inhabited until the 50s. After we had looked around the obelisk, we were just about to leave when a group (not the collective noun) or cows gathered to see what was going on. The question is, are the bars keeping us out or them in, or us out and them in?

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Fort Langley the Bronx
Fort Langley the Bronx (Orange San Francisco)

The drive out was initially to Bridal Veil Falls and we got there fine but the small but impressive falls were ruined by the San Fran because you couldn't tell that there were falls let alone the difference between the sky and the falls so no pic of that I'm afraid, though the Nikon will have a pic.

So since we weren't completely shattered it was off to Fort Langley an 1827 trading post on the Fraser River trading furs and the like. Now if course it's a historic attraction full of people dressed in costume acting out their piece from coopers to weddings and dancing as well as a bit of gardening mixed in. All quite fun really but a little confusing when the first nation man was playing a colonial boss and the white woman was playing a first nation mother, I did finally get it though.

This pic is if the big house, the fort office and head trader's house

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Gaskell House
Gaskell House (Nisis DV5)

And the plaque that we saw was on this building. Like I mentioned it didn't looks like it fitted in with the rest of the buildings, and a strange accessory to Plymouth Grove. Travelling from here down the A6 caused me to think that one day when I have time I shall have to take my camera bag and many rolls of film and take the journey from Manchester to Stockport on the A6.

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Gaskell Plaque
Gaskell Plaque (Nisis DV5)

Whilst tripping 'round Manchester we stumbled on a building with this blue plaque outside. The house seemed strange in that it didn't appear to fit in with it's surroundings.

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Buck House
Buck House (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Buck House, just down from the Ritz off Green Park. A quick walk from the Ritz because we were early.

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