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Chatsworth's Pictures

Chatsworth Half Viaduct
Chatsworth Half Viaduct (Nikon D5300)

I suspect if I read things then I would know what this really was but I don't so I have no idea what this partial viaduct is within the ground of Chatsworth, but it is pretty as the viaduct stops and the water cascades off onto the rocks below. I did try to get a long exposure of the water on the rocks below using an ND filter but that failed all because the sun was hitting the lens which made all the pictures turn out rubbish, which is a pitty because I think they would have been OK.

0 comments have been left18:55 20 Mar 2016Tags: chatsworth viaduct water waterfall
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Pool at the Top
Pool at the Top (Nikon D5300)

After a bit of driving to decide what to do we decided to go to Chatsworth and walk around in the rain. Well I say rain, but it wasn't hard enough to be called rain, but it was enough to be really rubbish to take pictures in and cause a mist everywhere which diffused the light and causing the landscape to look a little flat and wet everything making things a little slippy. However there were some really pretty impressive things that I have never seen at Chatsworth which my wife and I agreed would probably look look a whole lot better in the summer despite the fact they looked pretty good today. The problem is that whilst the eye sees one thing, the camera sees another, and a bright sky causes problems if the light is diffused.

Anyway enough about photography, this is picture of a pool at the top of the a waterfall in Chatsworth, if you follow the pool at the left, in the distance you can see a small canal in the distance which is where this flows and then drops off a 30-40ft fall. Like I Say, more for summer days.

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Its a Horse of Course of Course, the Famous Mr Lead
Its a Horse of Course of Course, the Famous Mr Lead (Nikon D5000)

Well it could be Lead but I doubt it and wouldn't it be brilliant if it were a real horse and I had stod there for ages trying to get the perfect span. Of course even for a static horse it wasn't that simple after a couple decided to stand next to the horse for 5 minutes as I waited for them to bugger off. That's how patient I was, committed to the Zamyatin cause.

It's a pic at Chatsworth which has seen fit to drop artwork all around the grounds. Must admit it's quite nice to stumble on one of these things, even if some of them are just completely weird like the sculpture of a couple of people that seem to have been made by a 3 year old missing heads and all sorts. In the summer house there is a fan from a jet engine which was impressive but I don't really think the picture I took did it justice.

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