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Denton's Pictures


Its OK They Are Just Sleeping
Its OK They Are Just Sleeping (Nikon D5300)

We were away this weekend, off tripping through Cheltenham and the surrounding area. From staying in Cheltenham I found out two things that I never knew. The first is that GCHQ is just surprisingly there in Cheltenham, not in the sticks, not in the centre but just dropped there, surrounded by stuff the usual sort of things you find in a town, colleges, businesses etc, but you would expect it to be surrounded by hedges or trees but no... it's just... there.

The second thing I didn't know what Gloucestershire Airport is in Cheltenham (probably more accurately between Gloucester and Cheltenham) and GCHQ is under the flight path, but the runway runs more or less up to the road on the East boundary, yet the road is raised, so there are warning lights for over height vehicles so that they can't cross the end of the runway when certain aircraft take off. Anyway, to the picture. Apparently this is the tomb of Alexander and Anne Denton which is in Hereford Cathedral. She died in childbirth and he carried on to marry again in the remaining 10 years of his life. Who he is and why he's there, who knows, because I ran a quick search and nothing came up other than explaining info that was already in the cathedral in that he died in 1576 and is buried with his second wife in Buckinghamshire.

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Hulme Pit
Hulme Pit (Nikon D5000)

It's history weekend this weekend, what with Denton's hisory with mining we had a history trip or walk as you might also know it to see if we would see any of the remains of the many pits in Denton. Of course with no real hope of finding anything it did starts as a walk and the lack of Top Pit which was supposed to be the biggest really did make us think that there was no chance of finding anything at all. In fact it was only when we found Hulme Pit that we realised that we might have seen Top Pit but we just didn't know what we were looking for. It all looked a bit modern... not that I have any idea what to expect. Of course we realised that we were near Hulme Pit when we saw a sign by the side of the Tame pointing us to Hulme Pit, which looked like it had a stand for a placard with explanation but the placard had since gone which was a pity.

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Victoria Park War Memorial
Victoria Park War Memorial (Pentax Optio 50)

I did try and take a picture of this memorial in Victoria Park two weeks ago but the TYTN II was rubbish. At this time of year and this time of day the sun is behind the memorial making it impossible to take anything but a silhouette of it, the Pentax however allows you to choose the where to take an exposure reading from an then shift the focus. I still reckon that a simple film camera would produce better results.

With my arms and as my Wife reports my face coated in bike oil this Saturday this is the best you're getting I am afraid. The house now smells of citrus degreaser and bike oil from putting the bike back together. There is the usual trail of black oil around the house which as you can imagine gets me no brownie points. With more work to go tomorrow setting the bike up for the morning commute on Monday I'm sure the doghouse is getting nearer.

Going back to the picture, the poppies at the bottom of the memorial are to do with a service that happened last weekend which is connected to the fact that the Air Cadets were in Manchester last weekend but I still don't know what that was for. Any ideas?

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Glass In Cement
Glass In Cement (QTEK 9100)

There two weird things about this picture from Debdale park. The first is that to the left of the picture on the corner of the house are some strange oblong shapes, each one appears to be a piece of cement with a lump of glass embedded, each one marked with a date ending in a year with a three at the end, I think the earliest was 1933. This happens to be a building that looks like a hallish thing, or something like that. Don't know what the glass is there for though.

Just after the slight amazement of this, my Wife said "Is that a... is it alive that squirrel?" and sure enough in the picture slap bang in the middle is the tail of en ex-squirrel which looked like it might have found out that electric cables are not there as tasty snacks.

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Rollie Train Pic
Rollie Train Pic (Rollei 35b)

This is a very bad picture of the steam train that went through Denton a while back. This is the Rollei version, unfortunately when I scanned it, it clipped the top third off as the scanner didn't "see" any important detail in it. Of course the main problem with that is itís unbalanced the picture and I havenít had the time to fix this. Perhaps one day.

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In the Void
In the Void (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Further down towards Stockport it looked a little grim. Mind you this is partly to do with the fact that I didn't turn the contrast on the camera up, so it looks a little more like some disaster movie than it should.

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Into the Void
Into the Void (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Whilst last night was foggy, it cleared, but driving off on Christmas Day fog loomed at the end of our street. In fact I think our street seemed the clearest for miles, however we only drove into Stockport, so the East side of Manchester could have clear as day.

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Foggy Christmas Night
Foggy Christmas Night (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Oh blimey itís the foggiest Christmas eve that Iíve ever seen. It came down all of a sudden and like a blanket we canít see anything. Not like last year which was white, the famous white Christmas In Denton.

Next year I hope for a the rainiestÖ at least we donít live in a valley.

Happy Christmas.

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The Age of the Train
The Age of the Train (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Ah the wonder of the still camera, or is it my lack of skill. Whilst this looks like a train stopped at a station it isn't. I missed the most important part. I think the Rollei got a good picture but that will take time to process.

No this is a steam train going through Denton train station. Not only is it rare for Denton station to see trains (only one stops here a day and you have to flag it down... it's true honest) but this is a steam train.

On the way home from B&Q we spotted this train stopped on a bridge, thinking it may go through Denton we rush to get this picture. Just as this train got to Denton a freight train passed us this side of the track hence the delay in taking the picture missing the engine. Denton truly was blessed with not one but two trains all at once.

As you can see my skills shone out at this moment, struggling to take a picture with my phone and taking several with the Rollei, the one decent one I got with the phone has my finger in shot at the bottom. Nice work.

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Small Gate
Small Gate (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Picture 2 of the reservoir a nice little picture of symmetry I think and a with a gate that is specially designed for small people. This means that the council needs to employ people of around 2-3 feet high for working on this part of the reservoir.

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