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Train's Pictures

East Lancs Railway Version 2.0
East Lancs Railway Version 2.0 (Nikon D5000)

Well we failed several times today and if I were driving then home we would have gone but my Wife is so stubborn that she will not give up even to the point where no-one has any fun. We were close to that. We initially headed for Ellenroad Engine House which after getting through the security barrier at SunChemicals we found that it's only open the first Sunday in every month. Let fun be unconfined. We got there after Google Maps ignored a junction and the directiones pointed us back to the motorway back home. It should have been a sign

So where to next? One look at the map and it's Chamber House Urban Farm, no results on Google Maps on my phone but it's on the map so it must be there so we drive to it. I say drive to it what I mean is we drive to where is was and a miscommunication meant that we ended up miles out. After a quick search I found that it had been sold like so many places for... wait for it... housing.

So now I am up for going home. We have been driving for quite a while and I have had not Breakfast just like the Sweeney so we stopped at Delicious which worried me slightly. If you have to call your business Delicious then I have to wonder. Anyway a Cheese and Ham Toasty which was delicious later we were on the road. So as I said before my Wife does not give up so we ended up as the East Lancs Railway in Heywood which took a bit to find, and when we did we found that the train had left. So now we can go home? No. We drive more until we get to Ramsbottom... we will get on a train.

So we get a train from Ramsbotton to Rawtenstall, oh hold on I forgot that this is all about the picture, which is the train that took us to Rawtenstall that then took us right back again. All the door clacking brought me right back to the commuter days that I hated when I worked in Manchester and took the train. I suspect trains are romantic for those who don't have to take them every day.

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Crewe Eagle
Crewe Eagle (Pentax Optio 50)

It's bad Ju Ju to not post a pic for a month so assuming that I'm going to be hopeless nest weekend I found this in archive. A picture of when we went to Crewe.

This impressive eagle is one of four that used to sit on the train works. From reading the stuff in the train museum in Crewe, there used to be four, but the suspicion that when metal was in short supply two of them were melted down but two survive which now sit on the museum.

What's strange as they said in the museum is that whilst there is a clear as day C (for Crewe we can assume or maybe not), there is a H in there which is something I could not see on the day but in the picture is pretty clear... well from the picture I can see anyway. As far as I am aware no-one knows what the H means.

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East Lancs Railway
East Lancs Railway (Pentax Optio 50)

On a failed trip in in many so many ways we ended up at East Lancs Railway. It started up less than promising in that the first museum we tried to get to was closed but before that we circled the museum several times after misreading GPS... several times. On finding the museum was closed we followed tourist signs to the railway. Again there was little promise in this trip owing to the fact that I didn't think that a trip was on the cards and no-one were train spotters, however it didn't turn out too bad. Mind you all the best photo ops happened when my camera was in my pocket so all I came home with was this.

The train on the right was a lunch train. All set up for melon or egg mayonnaise making me wish that I could join them just like when my Wife and I were on the Orient Express. After looking at the timetable for these things I found out they did Dinners which sound like something I might be into, but the rush to get to Bury for 7pm might cause a problem from Manchester.

The station did look pretty with it's decorations for the Santa Special which might be an idea for anyone with kids who like Santa or Steam Trains which more or less encompasses most kids I would suspect.

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Blackpool Tower Mix
Blackpool Tower Mix (QTEK 9100)

It's that time again when the winter starts closing in, the nights get darker and someone in the house (despite sense, reason and the fact that it's always a bit dire) decides to go to Blackpool. I must admit it was not me, I cannot tell a lie.

So without further waffle I have a few pics of the illuminations to bore you with.

This little chap is the Green Machine, powered by solar panels (and probably helped by the national grid by the look of the panels) it's... well... there.

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Riverpark Road Bridge
Riverpark Road Bridge (QTEK 9100)

Finally in this (dull?) load of pics is the bridge stub that is at the end of Riverpark Road. Oddly enough I was compelled when we got here to see if you could get onto the bridge and if you have read all the other bits I have posted then you'll know you can, and you can then walk to Philips Park, when you get the Philips Park section this is all gated off, however someone has made a whole in the gate. If I'd not been more sensible and also not had my Wife and Daughter with me then perhaps I'd have liked to have seen what was on the bridge.

Don't know why the bridge in Philips Park captivated me, perhaps part of it was the fact that it stops at a road and has a load of trees growing on it and yet also still seems to be functional with the filled in bits of arch, as if they are shelters for the park going public. Also there's a the knowledge that trains must have travelled along it and what they did, where it went etc.

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The Train Starts and Terminates Here
The Train Starts and Terminates Here (QTEK 9100)

Whilst shopping near ASDA my wife noticed this part bridge (I didn't notice). It's not too easy to see but the bridge has all the greenery on it and the end of the bridge ends in the green bushy stuff a bit nearer. It's a railway bridge by the looks of it and only a small part with the rest knocked down.

Of course thinking about Philips park and the entry I made called The Train Terminates Here I had to look further as this appeared to be another bit of the bridge.

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Rollie Train Pic
Rollie Train Pic (Rollei 35b)

This is a very bad picture of the steam train that went through Denton a while back. This is the Rollei version, unfortunately when I scanned it, it clipped the top third off as the scanner didn't "see" any important detail in it. Of course the main problem with that is it’s unbalanced the picture and I haven’t had the time to fix this. Perhaps one day.

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Fog Again
Fog Again (Sony Ericsson K700i)

This is what the poor train drivers and passengers drive out into from Manchester Piccadilly… deep dense fog. I never got out of second gear driving from A to B it was so thick.

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Audrey (Nisis DV5)

Our train and the carriage that we rode in on the Orient Express. It's great it's just like a living room flying through London at speed.

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