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Illuminations's Pictures

Evil Knievel
Evil Knievel (QTEK 9100)

Well it's probably not him, bit it's a classic, dusted off year after year and is probably still there because of the adults who remember it from when they were young, the kids of course probably find it too sedate and would prefer the flashing lights of the "Playstation 360 Megadrive" display.

0 comments have been left10:08 23 Oct 2006Tags: blackpool lights illuminations
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Pig Palace
Pig Palace (QTEK 9100)

Ah the Pig Palace, it's a... Palace for Pigs and here it is the... Pig Palace where they can eat and have ribs apparently, not that I thought Pigs were to keen on ribs, but this is proof that they do... so there.

0 comments have been left10:05 23 Oct 2006Tags: pig illuminations blackpool
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Romanesque (QTEK 9100)

I like this pic, don't know what it's all in aid of but I like it. The lampposts in the foreground don't help, but it was quite poorly placed behind a load of street furniture, even so I think you can an essence of what it was like.

0 comments have been left10:03 23 Oct 2006Tags: illuminations blackpool roman
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Blackpool Tower Mix
Blackpool Tower Mix (QTEK 9100)

It's that time again when the winter starts closing in, the nights get darker and someone in the house (despite sense, reason and the fact that it's always a bit dire) decides to go to Blackpool. I must admit it was not me, I cannot tell a lie.

So without further waffle I have a few pics of the illuminations to bore you with.

This little chap is the Green Machine, powered by solar panels (and probably helped by the national grid by the look of the panels) it's... well... there.

0 comments have been left10:01 23 Oct 2006Tags: illuminations blackpool train
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