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Roman's Pictures

Kourion Roman Remains
Kourion Roman Remains (Nikon D5000)

This is the third time I am writing this as Quick Office has crashed each time just near the end. So let's see if I can make it to crash 4.

Once you have seen one Roman remains then you have pretty much seen them all, however if I were to rank all the Roman remains in order the those at Dogga are by far the best. Despite that, if you cannot get to Dougga then these sre pretty decent. The Amphitheater is impressive as are the views over the cliff and the sight of a paraglider failing to paraglide is also a sight to behold. However I can only guarantee two of thouse should you olan to visit. The weather is scorching, so much so they have been troubled by scub fires, you might be able to pick up the sight of scorched scrub in the background of thus picture.

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Take Me Round Dougga
Take Me Round Dougga (Nikon D5000)

Just back from a week in Tunisia. We started out by spoiling ourselves by going to Dougga, which was qute a drive from Hammamet but well worth it. It's a huge Roman settlement that set on the top of a hill and it is just massive. We must have walked around it fro about an hour or two and still we didn't see the whole thing. It's also amazing that they allow people just to roam around it with little of it out of bounds. Of course there is an entrance fee and just like everything in Tunisia, if you take your camera then that will cost you extra but hey it's brilliant and what with us going out of season, it was all deserted.

This is a pic of one of the guides with little to do as there was no-one there except for us and we had decided against a guide. At least here they as you if you want a guide, other places in Tunisia they just latch onto you and before you know it, from just a casual hello you end up having a guide who starts trying to steer you round, of course the catch with all of this is that they will want payment. One of these guys I caught early and paid him to go away 2 Dinar (or De Niros as my Daughter called them) wasn't such a high price to pay as it's only 84p. He seemed happy anyway, and I was happy for him to go away.

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Romanesque (QTEK 9100)

I like this pic, don't know what it's all in aid of but I like it. The lampposts in the foreground don't help, but it was quite poorly placed behind a load of street furniture, even so I think you can an essence of what it was like.

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Lomo Debut
Lomo Debut (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Here's a mural depicting the Romans, taken with this camera, the Rollei and the newly bought Lomo copy with a 170 degree fisheye lens, so as you can imagine (all those who know what I'm talking about) I got quite close with the Lomo before I snapped. One problem I only realised later is that the Lomo really takes better pics with 400ASA and all I have is 100, and since it's fixed focus, aperture and shutter speed I could have a very dim set of prints. Ah well I shall call it a test reel.

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Roman Fort
Roman Fort (Sony Ericsson K700i)

This is the Roman fort in Manchester to the right of the huge tower, well not directly, but if I turned left now then you'd see the new tower in Manchester. Can't tell you much about this as my Wife and Daughter were off and I had yet to take a picture of the mural depicting the Romans.

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Manchester Tower 2
Manchester Tower 2 (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Back to the great tower that is being built in Manchester. I have forgotten what the tower is called (I did look it up), but it's going to hose a Hilton Hotel among other things. As I have mentioned before further away it looks bigger and this time I am a little further being at the remaining Roman walls in Manchester.

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