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Kourion Roman Remains
Kourion Roman Remains (Nikon D5000)

This is the third time I am writing this as Quick Office has crashed each time just near the end. So let's see if I can make it to crash 4.

Once you have seen one Roman remains then you have pretty much seen them all, however if I were to rank all the Roman remains in order the those at Dogga are by far the best. Despite that, if you cannot get to Dougga then these sre pretty decent. The Amphitheater is impressive as are the views over the cliff and the sight of a paraglider failing to paraglide is also a sight to behold. However I can only guarantee two of thouse should you olan to visit. The weather is scorching, so much so they have been troubled by scub fires, you might be able to pick up the sight of scorched scrub in the background of thus picture.

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Plaza de Espana Reprise
Plaza de Espana Reprise (Minolta X500)

Back to October because nothing interesting has happened for a while so I decide to post this little arty farty number. Taken with a film camera and partly ruined by the kind chaps at the print lab (the two splodges on it) but at least you can see what I was trying to get at. These pillars lead you from the outside bit of the Plaza de Espana into the fountain in the centre which as I probably mentioned previously was closed when we went. As you can see I was trying to get some depth into the photo which I may have done. From memory I'd arsed up the settings on the camera so I'm surprised anything cam out at all. It's a usual picture for me as it's all about repeated patterns.

0 comments have been left22:42 4 May 2008Tags: seville plaza de espana fountains bridge pillar spain
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