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Tunisia's Pictures

Travel Brochure Short
Travel Brochure Short (Nikon D5000)

Back to Tunisa today what with a busy few weeks and very little time to take snaps, but this is of the mausoleum in Monastir which is really impressive and definitely somewhere to go, but it's a weird place in that it's all neat and tidy and yet all you need to do is step 100 yards in another direction and it's becomes all messy and for a tourist resort (albeit out of season) it seems a little strange. Then you get to the beach and it becomes touristy in a way but then again not. Add to that we ended up going to lunch a few hundred yards away and it all looked OK when we went in but after ordering it became apparent that we were not in the lap of luxury.

I would say one thing though, the next time you complain about Health and Safety then take a trip to anywhere in Tunisia and you'll be glad to come back to the cushioned warmth of rules. Health and Safety in Tunisia is carrying your baby whilst crossing the motorway as it would be absurd to make them walk themselves.

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Take Me Round Dougga
Take Me Round Dougga (Nikon D5000)

Just back from a week in Tunisia. We started out by spoiling ourselves by going to Dougga, which was qute a drive from Hammamet but well worth it. It's a huge Roman settlement that set on the top of a hill and it is just massive. We must have walked around it fro about an hour or two and still we didn't see the whole thing. It's also amazing that they allow people just to roam around it with little of it out of bounds. Of course there is an entrance fee and just like everything in Tunisia, if you take your camera then that will cost you extra but hey it's brilliant and what with us going out of season, it was all deserted.

This is a pic of one of the guides with little to do as there was no-one there except for us and we had decided against a guide. At least here they as you if you want a guide, other places in Tunisia they just latch onto you and before you know it, from just a casual hello you end up having a guide who starts trying to steer you round, of course the catch with all of this is that they will want payment. One of these guys I caught early and paid him to go away 2 Dinar (or De Niros as my Daughter called them) wasn't such a high price to pay as it's only 84p. He seemed happy anyway, and I was happy for him to go away.

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