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Philips's Pictures

Riverpark Road Bridge
Riverpark Road Bridge (QTEK 9100)

Finally in this (dull?) load of pics is the bridge stub that is at the end of Riverpark Road. Oddly enough I was compelled when we got here to see if you could get onto the bridge and if you have read all the other bits I have posted then you'll know you can, and you can then walk to Philips Park, when you get the Philips Park section this is all gated off, however someone has made a whole in the gate. If I'd not been more sensible and also not had my Wife and Daughter with me then perhaps I'd have liked to have seen what was on the bridge.

Don't know why the bridge in Philips Park captivated me, perhaps part of it was the fact that it stops at a road and has a load of trees growing on it and yet also still seems to be functional with the filled in bits of arch, as if they are shelters for the park going public. Also there's a the knowledge that trains must have travelled along it and what they did, where it went etc.

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End of Trail (sort of)
End of Trail (sort of) (QTEK 9100)

When you walk from Riverpark Road from the bridge towards Philips Park, you get back onto the road and indeed the picture taken in Philips Park is part of the same line by the looks of it.

In this picture you have the bridge that continues onto Philips park on the right and on the left it goes to the piece on Riverpark Road. Of course the two would have never have met as the Riverpark Road part was just to span the littlest of Valleys, but it is connected to the other side.

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Pylons and Stuff at Philips Park
Pylons and Stuff at Philips Park (Nisis DV5)

Not a great photo with the DV5 but it'll do for the purpose. Another archive pic. Never thought much of it at the time, but it sort of prooves what a strange city Manchester really is. One view is a view of a train track that stops (Train Terminates Here). One side there's an expanse of fields and another you have the pylons with a where the wires sink into the ground because of a generator and new fantastic flats. All within a few minutes walk from the new Stadium, and all a few minutes walk from the canal and a graveyard and park that once in the middle of you might be somewhere else. Here however you can hear the traffic and some of it feels oppressive.

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Philips Park
Philips Park (QTEK 9100)

Just across from the (Manchester) City ground is Philips Park. I must admit I have never been there -until now- and never knew it existed, but I have been educated. It's a really nice park and here is a pic of the peace garden. The kids’ playgrounds are pretty special too. Not only do they have things that seem quite imaginative, but also they still work. There is a grid of squares that you bounce on them they make different bell sounds, also they have what look to be railway sleepers that make fluteish sound when you rock them, they also have and a really different take on a seesaw that has a bit of a roundabout in it. Whilst this is off the subject of the picture, but because I have a daughter I have seen quite a few playgrounds and in each one people have put quite a bit of time and effort into making them different, however so many of them have things in them that are imaginative but broken. Heaton Park's Archimedes screw is just one, I could name many.

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