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Reservoir's Pictures

Underground Reservoir
Underground Reservoir (Nikon D5000)

Well like quite a few people we headed down to Clayton-le-Woods to have a look at the soon to be demolished underground resevoir, or cistern as I think there are sometimes called. Due to the fact that the developer wants to put up more houses in the area, this Victorian structure is going to be destroyed and filled in I assume much to the disgust of some people but before that happens, its open to the public for two weeks. Strangely enough it appeared to be less busy than I thought, so it wasn't much of a queue to get inside. It's not huge and there's not a great deal to see but it's still interesting. Of course I think I have been spoilt because last year we went to the Cistern in Istanbul which is huge, has water in it and has it's own cafe inside. It's also great in summer as it serves as great relief from the leat outside.

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Small Gate
Small Gate (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Picture 2 of the reservoir a nice little picture of symmetry I think and a with a gate that is specially designed for small people. This means that the council needs to employ people of around 2-3 feet high for working on this part of the reservoir.

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Denton Resevoir
Denton Resevoir (Sony Ericsson K700i)

After finding how to adjust the contrast on the phone camera it took a reasonable shot of this rather ornate bit of a reservoir that I didn't know existed just about a half a mile away from my house.

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