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Tomb's Pictures

Its OK They Are Just Sleeping
Its OK They Are Just Sleeping (Nikon D5300)

We were away this weekend, off tripping through Cheltenham and the surrounding area. From staying in Cheltenham I found out two things that I never knew. The first is that GCHQ is just surprisingly there in Cheltenham, not in the sticks, not in the centre but just dropped there, surrounded by stuff the usual sort of things you find in a town, colleges, businesses etc, but you would expect it to be surrounded by hedges or trees but no... it's just... there.

The second thing I didn't know what Gloucestershire Airport is in Cheltenham (probably more accurately between Gloucester and Cheltenham) and GCHQ is under the flight path, but the runway runs more or less up to the road on the East boundary, yet the road is raised, so there are warning lights for over height vehicles so that they can't cross the end of the runway when certain aircraft take off. Anyway, to the picture. Apparently this is the tomb of Alexander and Anne Denton which is in Hereford Cathedral. She died in childbirth and he carried on to marry again in the remaining 10 years of his life. Who he is and why he's there, who knows, because I ran a quick search and nothing came up other than explaining info that was already in the cathedral in that he died in 1576 and is buried with his second wife in Buckinghamshire.

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Spacious Living Quarters for the Dead
Spacious Living Quarters for the Dead (Nikon D5000)

If you happend to be a king in Cyprus and you were also dead then this might be your next home, it's compact but has amazing views of the sea and excellent transport links, as for the neighbours, they're all dead quiet. OK no en-suite but you're dead so there's no need to wash where you're going, well not your physical body anyway. Yes, it's the Tomb of the Kings in Paphos, only an hour and a half from Ayia Napa, so if you still feel the need to party hearty then you can hit the clubs and still be back before anyone has noticed your absence. To add to your comfort, there is a KFC right nearby where you can pick up a Zinger Tower Stacker Nacho Flamer Chicken Burger meal for less than a donkey, plus they have free WiFi for the teenage king among you that owns a tablet.

0 comments have been left07:51 27 Aug 2013Tags: tomb cyprus paphos
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Loughcrew Burial Mound
Loughcrew Burial Mound (Nisis DV5)

On the highest hill in County Meath sits a 5000-6000 year old burial mound. This is one of the satellite tombs which is open so that I could take a picture of the carvings on the inside of the tomb.

The main burial mound contains more carvings and there's a guided tour. I say a guided tour but when the main space of the tomb can only fit about I people max then there's not much walking around involved but all of the things you see in the tomb are pretty well explained.

0 comments have been left17:42 28 Jul 2007Tags: burial tomb mound carving loughcrew
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