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Carving's Pictures

Platt Fileds Church Remembrance
Platt Fileds Church Remembrance (QTEK 9100)

On the way out of the Church on the edge of Platt Fields there is an entrance just like all churches. It's a small roofed gate area that you walk through and I suspect most people don't look at it for obvious reasons and perhaps most churches aren't like this one. I don't know.

I have passed through many church roofed gate area and I have never see this. This is one of the two sides of the area where the names of the of the First World War are carved. I apologise for those that are on the other side (that I saw first but the explanation was on this side) that I have not got a picture of those but perhaps you can make the difference and visit it.

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Loughcrew Burial Mound
Loughcrew Burial Mound (Nisis DV5)

On the highest hill in County Meath sits a 5000-6000 year old burial mound. This is one of the satellite tombs which is open so that I could take a picture of the carvings on the inside of the tomb.

The main burial mound contains more carvings and there's a guided tour. I say a guided tour but when the main space of the tomb can only fit about I people max then there's not much walking around involved but all of the things you see in the tomb are pretty well explained.

0 comments have been left17:42 28 Jul 2007Tags: burial tomb mound carving loughcrew
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The Unicorn
The Unicorn (Nisis DV5)

Not a pub just near Woodford just in case you were wondering, it's a boat in Dundee. In fact it's one of the best preserved Georgian boat in Britain. Boasting 95% original materials still intact as of when it was built in 1827 which is quite impressive and seems impossible since the boat saw action. A little difficult to get around when you're six foot one like myself and a little unnerving when you realise you're below the water line. This is a picture of one of the two fibre glass unicorns built when the old wooden one looked a little tired (perhaps the unicorn is the 5%), one was put on display here missing an ear the other one was placed on the ship replacing the wooden one which could then be preserved.

0 comments have been left21:42 31 May 2007Tags: boat unicorn wood carving
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