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Church's Pictures


A Church with a View
A Church with a View (Nikon D5000)

It was another grim start to the day, less thunder but just overcast and a bit grey, so rather than waste a perfectly good drive to somewhere equally grim, we decided to go somewhere close such as Orta San Giulio, apparently an unspoilt village on the banks of a lake not too far off. Navigating there was interesting as there wasn't any parking in the town so deciding which car park we were allowed to use took some skill and judgement, but once there sure enough there was a town, and a lake, and another island to look at. Since we were a bit islanded out we took a quick swing around the town, saw a washing machine that has been made into a planter and painted khaki and left, not before taking this picture of a church opposite, high up on the mountain.I have no idea where it is other than it was opposite where we were, but I can imagine the views are pretty impressive after the service.

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Shepherds Following the Star
Shepherds Following the Star (Nikon D5000)

It's a weird on this. It all started on Christmas day. We looked out of the hotel room and saw this light in the sky beaming down (or more probably beamiung from groiund to the sky, but who knows). Of course you might imagine that this has happened before, I think there is a story about it, I just can't quite remember. Anyway after much discussion we decided to head out and look for the source. A couple of people said it was the Eiffel Tower, but I suspected not bearing in mind where it was in relation to the hotel. I was pretty sure it was in the Place de Vendom. It was at the Place de Vendom I started to think the light in the sky was the moon, it was looking quite likely, however I was sure that there was more to it, because in the hotel there were definately beams going up... or down. Anyway like three Shepherds on the first Christmas, however the first Christmas wasn't on the 25th and there were 4 of us, and none of us could heard sheep. Apart from that, it was quite spiritual following the light to find. A square. No not the baby Jesus, the Place De Madelaine where spotlights were being projected into the sky to a point.

Think there were quite a few good pictures taken here, but this might be the best, but who knows.

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Church Remains
Church Remains (Nikon D5000)

Thes sorts of things seem to be dotted al over Cyprus, will not very much explanation and just a few signs off the main road. We got to this one off the main motorway a few miles outside the turn off for Ayia Napa. As we approached I noticed at the end of the road right before the left turn towards the church a sign saying no photography, I thought that atrange until we noticed that the signs were for the military base behind the signs and not the church that was also as unwelcoming behine a chain link fence. So in the interests of not getting shot, I took this hurried snap and we moved on rather quickly. So we bimbled on a little further to Cape Greko the furthest South East we could go to pass another military base and then on to something else the was also as protected with it's fence and warning signs which said it was the lighthouse, though I have yet to find another lighthouse that had a fence all around, contained what appeared to be a few large transmitters and no... erm... lighthouse. I suspect this lighthouse didn't contain a freindly salty sea dog that could share a few tales and who probably shared a likeness to Captain Birdseye, I suspct the lighthouse keeper might actually be a grumpy armed individual.

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Ayia Napa Church
Ayia Napa Church (Nikon D5000)

Just off the site from the old monastry is the new church. Right in what appears to be the main square just off from the bars and the clubs where an icon of the Virgin Mary is said to have been dound in a cave by a hunte, well to be honest it was found by his dog who barked to alert the hunter who was aft a rabbit. i'm assuming the hunter wasn't called Elmer, though he didn't catch the rabbit so it's possible. At that point Ayia Napa was a dense woodland which is what Ayia Napa means I belive, it's a rough translation so don't start using it in regular Greek conversation.

That's about it for today, the beach was windy and there was a wedding taking place and some promo shots, the museum was average and cost a little less than the rubbish waterfall yesterday, not the one in the picture as that was free, the Green Valley one.

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Sunday Sabaudia
Sunday Sabaudia (Nikon D5000)

I wish that I had read the review of Sabaudia a month ago before I booked that said that Sabaudia was pretty but boring in winter. I read that this morning. Well it better be pretty otherwise Mussolini who built the town will get a piece of my mind next time I see him. There is always the possability to get out ijn the Hire car if things get a little bleak. It seemed bleak this morning as church was in session with the only give away of life were the hundereds of abandoned Cars litering the square streets of the 30s town, still, lots to be seen yet and lugage to be resucued from Zurich yet as for the Rome leg... who knows.

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Gawsworth Church
Gawsworth Church (Nikon D5000)

OK we got lost but at least we got there in the end where ever there was off course. We initially started heading to Capesthorne Hall and an initial disagreement of how to get there caused us to pass Tarporly Hall which is where we got to the last time we tried to get to Capesthorne Hall. That time we had no cash and they didn't take cards. This time I thought that we needed to head down the A34 but we ended up travelling down the A556. We did end up at Capesthorne Hall and of course it was closed so we headed down to Gawsworth Hall, only to find that we had been there before and it was also closed.

Anyway we decided that stick around and walk around. The ducks were very glad to see us because they thought that we had bread as they skated around on the frozen pond. After taunting the ducks as they followed us despite having no bread we walked around the church and as you can imagine there is where the picture was taken. Nothing more to say other than it was cold and we then left for home the long way round.

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Beverley Minster
Beverley Minster (Nikon D5000)

We've not been idle but there have been no photo ops today so one of yesterdays pictures I am afraid. It started out in the centre of Hull looking for a large Jacket. After milling about trying to find somewhere that would have a jacket that wouldn't make me look like some sort of gangsta or hoody wannabe I headed for Blacks and found that as long as I wanted to spend £150 then all was fine. Strangely enough I found the jacket I was wearing just the ticket.

After that débâcle we headed off to the Maritime Museum, lost about Whaling and death at sea and much about how great it would be when they were fully funded so we moved onto the Streetlife Transport Museum. By this time I was tired but still there was much to look at. There was a strange arcade only partially connected to transport which made me wonder whether the point was to be a break for the young ones, in which case some arcade machines that hadn’t been made in the 80's would have been good. However I liked it because it took me back and my Daughter played the games too. Trams, cars, bikes and horse driven carts, though nothing in much detail, however we did sit in a horse drawn carriage simulator which was quite nice.

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Clockwatching (Nisis DV5)

Oh it's been so busy as you may have guessed and nothing interesting to say, but I thought that I would interest you I an archive pic from 2006 and slightly off centre. In the intervening time I have been contacted by a marketing agency for a camera company (I don't feel special believe me I suspect they mailshot many people) about a fantastic event in my area. Turns out it was all about a larger than life postbox that took the artists 4 weeks to create. I thought that this was great, it's in the Printworks, that's close to the Postbox that survived the IRA bomb in Manchester, that might be a good picture.

So I turned up and I looked around the area and nothing, so I went back to the promo pic and yes I had been in the right area. So back again to look at the angles and I may have been wrong initially but I wouldn't have missed it so back to the emails, I emailed my contact. Luckily for her since marketing skills are so transferable, she transferred. At the end of the day no-one knew where the heck this thing was until I found it on Peter St quite a way from the Printworks. I took a pic but it was blurry what with it being grim at the moment (yes I would prefer an off centre pic than an out of focus one). Of course the new marketing bod gained intel on the postbox only after I emailed her.

For those who are less cynical then google “8x life”, it's Panasonic's attempt at selling their compact with a zoom lens. They have an obligatory Facebook Page I am sure there's an RSS feed too... sorry no! RSS is old hat so they'll have a rubbish Twitter feed instead.

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The Grand Tour
The Grand Tour (TYTN II)

After a thoroughly interesting day yesterday the plan was to see what bits of Venice looked liked without so many people. Sure there would still be loads of people but less than yesterday and we might even get a better view of St Marks Square. Unfortunately the amount of clutter still in the square diminished its impressiveness so I still couldn't imagine a sniper in the bell tower gunning down a lone man causing the pidgins to fly away as in an episode of The Saint or perhaps it was something else.

With the only Piazza in Venice complete we embarked on a trip to the Church of Della Salute (Cheisa Della Salute). Why? Well like all good and bad searches and escapades the answer is purely because it is there. Taking the long way around by foot to save the water bus fair and so we could take in Venice we converted a two minute water ride into a slightly arduous and confusing wriggle through cold back streets using nothing more than a tourist map and a GPS and Google Maps. BTW because of the narrowness of the allies the poor old GPS did have it's work cut out but we got there to find... A Church. Hooray now lets get back taking a far shorter route than we took to arrive.

The picture is of the Grand Canal just as it stops at the Cheisa Della Salute on the right. Whilst it was tiring and some of the trip seemed a chore because we went around the long way, if we had have taken the bus we might not have heard an American express an interest in only staying in England for one more year, so they could go somewhere that they could go out when it's February. They did however say this whilst being fully clad in winter wear. I suspect England is no colder at the moment it just doesn't have Gondolas.

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Oliver Plunkett's Church
Oliver Plunkett's Church (QTEK 9100)

Just down from Oldcastle is Oliver Plunkett's church. This isn't a picture or it but it's a picture just outside in the graveyard and the best picture of the bunch with the snowdrops in the foreground. We turned up to find the whole place closed until March which is strange for a ruin I thought. We then ran into a bloke mending a fence and had a chat. He was kind enough to allow us across the field to get to the church so long as we didn't stray into the gardens; which look like a nice place to go when the sun comes out. No doubt the other pictures will make an appearance on slow weekends.

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