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Canal's Pictures

Chadkirk Canal
Chadkirk Canal (Nikon D5300)

With so little on over Christmas, there was a need to get out of the house and do some walking, so off to Chadkirk we went, and to walk along the canal towards Romley. With so few picture opportunities in the bad light and with the only opportunity wasted owing to my usual luck with animals in that as soon as I whip out my camera they turn their back or end up walking out of shot. So I turned my interests to things that can't walk or change their mind, and in this case it was a tunnel. Again the light was bad so it looked better in real life than in the picture, but here goes. At least I now have a photo for December.

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The Grand Tour
The Grand Tour (TYTN II)

After a thoroughly interesting day yesterday the plan was to see what bits of Venice looked liked without so many people. Sure there would still be loads of people but less than yesterday and we might even get a better view of St Marks Square. Unfortunately the amount of clutter still in the square diminished its impressiveness so I still couldn't imagine a sniper in the bell tower gunning down a lone man causing the pidgins to fly away as in an episode of The Saint or perhaps it was something else.

With the only Piazza in Venice complete we embarked on a trip to the Church of Della Salute (Cheisa Della Salute). Why? Well like all good and bad searches and escapades the answer is purely because it is there. Taking the long way around by foot to save the water bus fair and so we could take in Venice we converted a two minute water ride into a slightly arduous and confusing wriggle through cold back streets using nothing more than a tourist map and a GPS and Google Maps. BTW because of the narrowness of the allies the poor old GPS did have it's work cut out but we got there to find... A Church. Hooray now lets get back taking a far shorter route than we took to arrive.

The picture is of the Grand Canal just as it stops at the Cheisa Della Salute on the right. Whilst it was tiring and some of the trip seemed a chore because we went around the long way, if we had have taken the bus we might not have heard an American express an interest in only staying in England for one more year, so they could go somewhere that they could go out when it's February. They did however say this whilst being fully clad in winter wear. I suspect England is no colder at the moment it just doesn't have Gondolas.

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View from the Bridge
View from the Bridge (QTEK 9100)

As usual, the view looked better in real life from the Trinity Bridge in Manchester. What's strange is after the amount of time the bridge has been in Manchester, I have never been on it. From here you can see the Cathedral and to the left (which you cannot see) the wholly unimpressive structure of the Lowry hotel. As we walked across into Salford and back to Manchester we discovered the Sacred Trinity Church which I have never seen before but is a strangely nice sight to see in the midst of all the buildings. On the way out we did spot a few smokers inspecting the newly installed outside ashtray put up outside the Rover Returns pub (I think, some of the letters were missing) in the light of the new smoking ban.

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Falkirk Wheel at the Top
Falkirk Wheel at the Top (QTEK 9100)

Finally the top of the Falkirk Wheel you can just about see a boat in the distance which is just about to descend to the bottom. I have some video of the whole process though I shall spare you all 7 minutes of it you will just have to put up with the three pictures that I have. I have more but I shall spare you.

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