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Hull's Pictures

Beverley Minster
Beverley Minster (Nikon D5000)

We've not been idle but there have been no photo ops today so one of yesterdays pictures I am afraid. It started out in the centre of Hull looking for a large Jacket. After milling about trying to find somewhere that would have a jacket that wouldn't make me look like some sort of gangsta or hoody wannabe I headed for Blacks and found that as long as I wanted to spend £150 then all was fine. Strangely enough I found the jacket I was wearing just the ticket.

After that débâcle we headed off to the Maritime Museum, lost about Whaling and death at sea and much about how great it would be when they were fully funded so we moved onto the Streetlife Transport Museum. By this time I was tired but still there was much to look at. There was a strange arcade only partially connected to transport which made me wonder whether the point was to be a break for the young ones, in which case some arcade machines that hadn’t been made in the 80's would have been good. However I liked it because it took me back and my Daughter played the games too. Trams, cars, bikes and horse driven carts, though nothing in much detail, however we did sit in a horse drawn carriage simulator which was quite nice.

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Le Shark Dans Le Deep
Le Shark Dans Le Deep (Nikon D5000)

So off to today’s wondrous escapade. Today we are at The Deep which is an aquarium sold to me by some under water glass lift. I am sure I saw a picture of it but in the end I suspect I didn't, it looked magnificent in my mind's eye, in reality is was a little less impressive. I am pretty sure the Blue Planet Aquarium at home is better but perhaps that's just my memory playing tricks on me once again. Don't get me wrong the place is pretty good and you do see lots of interesting things but I had my mind set on this huge lift that was glass all around. How I thought that this would work and how this would be safe for the people in the lift or the fish I have no idea, so to find out that it was a regular glass lift put me off a little.

Anyway after exhausting The Deep we went outside to take some pictures and then it was off for lunch in the pretty Beverley and it's Minster much of it we circled many many times until we finally found a car park that was cheap enough and had spaces. Nothing much to report really, lunch was OK, the Minster was a Minster and I was cold, so quite soon it was back to the hotel to get warm.

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Humber Bridge
Humber Bridge (Nikon D5000)

Well since it's a half term what better an idea than to go to Hull. Hull the place of... well the bridge and... ships and stuff. Having arrived quite late only to find that the room wasn't ready, by the time we got into the room (even later than that because of a faulty key card) it was even later. The trip was eventful in that a caravan drive was pounced upon my the police the style of one of those cop shows such as “Police, Lights, Camera and a Policeman's size 9's in your face”. We witnessed a T-Pack and a rolling roadblock... we were in the rolling roadblock and not the T-Pack I am glad to say.

Anyhow with little time we ended up at the Humber bridge and where else would we go on day one. As you can see the weather is marvellous, t-shirt and shorts as you can imagine. We did try and make it into Hull and got a little lost after the GPS diverted us down a bus lane but hey it keeps it all exciting.

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