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Hall's Pictures


Rhino Too
Rhino Too (Nikon D5000)

Well I thought that I recognised this chap from afar, but then again I am a little weird. I do that sort of thing to be honest. But as we were attempting to enter the maze at Adlington Hall I noticed it enough to want a picture when we left. It was a little surprise for everyone else who hadn't seen it there snuck to the left of the maze.

What it's weird is that I did think it looked similar to the rhino at Trentham Gardens and I sort of thought nothing of it. It was only until today when I checked and fund that it was the same as the rhino in Trentham Gardens. Despite the fact that it's the same, they are not owned by the same people as far as I am aware.

I would love to say that I have the set but I don't and do, because up until now there is only one, and it moved about.

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Capesthorne Hall
Capesthorne Hall (Nikon D5000)

If you can't guess we went to Capethorn Hall last weekend. And yes it's a boring picture and to be honest Capesthorne Hall is OK. To be honest the weather wasn't really great last weekend for pictures, the sky was bright and cloudy which is a bad combination if you want to take decent pictures outside.

This happens to be a monument to the families who lived here before the new hall was created. However what it doesn't make clear is whether this is where the old hall was and what the monument is supposed to represent, it could be a gate post or of course it could be made from bricks from the old hall, or it could ust be something someone cobbled together for a bit of a laugh.

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Outta Here
Outta Here (Nikon D5000)

On a visit to Trentham Gardens we saw this Rhino running away from the crumbling hall, it's a shame because the hall has been like this with nothing done to it every time we have been there yet despite this there is a plaque to say that the building will be incorporated into a 5 star hotel. Lets hope they plan to do this before the hall falls down.

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Not Very Effective Guard Dogs
Not Very Effective Guard Dogs (Nikon D5000)

I don't think you'll find that stone guard dogs are that effective, something about them being stone, however athletically and from a maintenance point of view they are better than real dogs as far as I am concerned. None of that barkey nonsense with these chaps they just obediently sit there asking for nothing. These can be found at Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster.A loing way to go for a trip out but it looked interesting and we hadn't been there despite my Wife constantly saying that we had.

It's an interesting hall and probably better when the weather is warm and there would have been more to see if we has turned up on Sunday because we would be able to look at the chapel. Still looking at the huge hall set out as it would have been around the First World War is impressive though very cold even inside so if you do go when it's cold, make sure you take a good thick coat and as you can see by the picture it was cold. I think the snow gives it away.

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Christmas is all Zipped Up
Christmas is all Zipped Up (Nikon D5000)

Again Zippy is back out in the guise of Father Christmas, this year he's not lit, perhaps it's too early in the day, perhaps they are saving energy or money in these austere times. Either way here he is. I did see hime getting lifted into place and there's nothing stranger than seeing a brightly lit Zippy swinging over Albert Square.

So after a sausage in Albert Square it was time to head down to Spinningfields for a quick skate. Well I say quick but it took an hour to get onto the rink and then an hour for me to get even close enough to look like I was just unstable, at the start I was bordering on the dangerous so some massive improvements there then and despite the cold it's a great way to get warm, nearly falling on your arse for an hour really keeps the blood pumping to such an extent I did get a little bit of a sweat on whether that will be the exercise or the constant fear of falling on your arse I don't know still a good hours fun.

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Gawsworth Hall
Gawsworth Hall (Nikon D5000)

This weekend was pretty good so it was time to get out and try the my new camera the Nikon D5000. As far as the camera I worry that it will just allow me to take more average pictures, in face many hundreds of average pictures that I will be too sentimental to delete where with my comfy Minolta shoes would end up with quite a few bad 'uns but some real keepers. At least it is better than the strange and impossible Fuji 1600.

Anyway back to the weekend. Gawsworth is a nice enough place, a little small and at least we got there. I can't remember the hall we went to first which was about five miles away that we turned up to only to find that they needed cash, so U-turning against the traffic we found a cash machine despite GPS direction. Driving away I found the vital cash that could have got us into the other hall! Ah well it must be fate.

It's a small hall but quite pretty and there is a bit to see but not a day's worth. I personally think the best part of the day was the visit to The Phough just down from the hall which was lunch. An unexpected break and brilliant food despite not serving sandwiches on the weekend. It was also a great chance to test the camera again of course.

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Network 7's Bramhall Hall
Network 7's Bramhall Hall (Pentax Optio 50)

My Wife would hate this one for two reasons. For a start it's too dark and as for the angle that's just bad... So it's a good job that my wife doesn't run this site otherwise the Llandudno picture would have been more bland and dark to have been on the site... she said.

This time I took the shot for the clouds and the angle because I couldn't go any further back, so this was the only way to get the whole thing in.

We did the the tour and it was OK and I must admit I was surprised, mainly because I'd been to the hall twice before other than as a tourist and I'd never seen the whole place.

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Little Moreton Hall
Little Moreton Hall (TYTN II)

Yesterday we went to Little Moreton Hall. Personally I don't know why I bother 'cos I have always include the usual Wikipedia article which is better than my one. However I would say that it's the strangest place to go. If you like 90 degree angles then put the hall down and step away from the hall. If however if you like the idea of walking down hill from one side of a room to another then you're in luck; as you can see by the picture. It's a moated hall with what look like huge goldfish in the moat. Not being an expert on fish (or anything really) they could have been Carp. Not exactly a day out but a great place to go to feel a little queasy when you go up to the top floor and you're not feeling too hot.

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Zippy Christmas
Zippy Christmas (QTEK 9100)

I am sure there has been lots written about this, in fact I know there has, but this is Manchester's attempt at Father Christmas on the Town Hall. It used to be an inflatable thing that hung to the clock tower, but this year they have decided to choose something that looks a little like Zippy from Rainbow.

It's been a wet and cold few days in Manchester so to be quite honest I wasn't that much interested in hanging about Manchester. Just this quick pic, a dalliance with the excessively busy shops and then home and nothing to report apart from that. I didn't even look too much at the skating in Piccadilly because it was raining. They say it might snow tomorrow which is better than rain at least.

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Marble Staircase
Marble Staircase (QTEK 9100)

Here's the entrance at the Trafford Centre, pretty impressive I think, looks better in real life and would of course have been better if the lens was a little wide angled which I would have had with a proper camera and not the QTEK. Up above is one heck of an impressive chandelier. It's strange though having this rather impressive staircase for somewhere that just has average shops. I did have a better picture of the chandelier but my rather impressive camera skills lead me to have my finger in shot. As you can see from the picture, I'm not the only one taking pictures of bits of the stairs.

The great thing about the Trafford Centre's arcade are the dodgems. Much fun was had in the small rink they have with dodgems that go way too fast. In these buckling yourself up is really necessary and a load of fun for £2.50, a small price to pay to skid around (not something you can do on the larger outdoor rinks) and find yourself physically out of your seat after a collision or two.

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