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Monument's Pictures

Capesthorne Hall
Capesthorne Hall (Nikon D5000)

If you can't guess we went to Capethorn Hall last weekend. And yes it's a boring picture and to be honest Capesthorne Hall is OK. To be honest the weather wasn't really great last weekend for pictures, the sky was bright and cloudy which is a bad combination if you want to take decent pictures outside.

This happens to be a monument to the families who lived here before the new hall was created. However what it doesn't make clear is whether this is where the old hall was and what the monument is supposed to represent, it could be a gate post or of course it could be made from bricks from the old hall, or it could ust be something someone cobbled together for a bit of a laugh.

0 comments have been left15:54 10 May 2014Tags: capesthorne monument hall
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Nicosia or Bust
Nicosia or Bust (Nikon D5000)

I suspect if you are given the above choices then chose the second. Today on the way to Nicosia I asked my Wife what was there, the reply that came back was Stuff. So as you can imagine I wasn't emensely filled with hope at the start of the 45 minute drive. Even so, like so many times in my life when my brain tells me to just abandon ship (and quite correctly many of these times) I just plough on with the flawed plan regardless. One day I shall learn or perhaps die (not) trying. Anyway there isn't much to see. Well you can stmble acros the wall that separares the two halves and by accident nearly walk into a UN base nearby as my Wife nearly did and then there is this. At this point I would love to have a full explanation for you but no. All I know is that it was about something in 1973. What that something was I do not know. after all the Turkish invaded in 1974 and the British had left long before, however the left figure might be a British soldier, or it might not. And there you have it... Nicosia.

0 comments have been left18:06 20 Aug 2013Tags: nicosia cyprus liberation monument
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Papal Rock
Papal Rock (Nikon F3 T)

No this is not a new Groove Armada single this is the stone that was placed as a monument to the Pope's visit to Heaton Park in 1982 which is connected to the Papal Monument post in that it was taken at the same time and developed later i.e. now.

0 comments have been left22:27 10 Jun 2007Tags: monument papal pope heaton
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Papal Monument
Papal Monument (QTEK 9100)

I don't remember this but apparently the Pope visited Heaton Park and this is a monument to him for this visit in 1982.

I don't remember but my wife does which might make sense as her Step-Father is Catholic. What's weird about this picture is the colouring, the sky is rather blue and a little dark and yet the front is as bright as anything as if I'd front lit it. This is just a basic picture with the QTEK that I couldn't see too well because what with the sun hitting the screen I would barely see a thing.

0 comments have been left19:42 5 May 2007Tags: monument papal pope heaton
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