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Knowsley's Pictures

Knowsley Lioness
Knowsley Lioness (Nikon D5300)

After a quiet weekend we headed off to Knowsley Safari Park and I decided to crack out my zoom lens to see what I could see. Unfortunately with the reflections of the window sometimes all I could see was the inside of the car and no I didn't want to open the window for a better shot, in the lion enclosure. As usual we headed out when the weather was good and headed to a place where it was overcast most of the time which never helps when you're taking pictures.

Mind you there was nothing extraordinary, just the usual, ostriches trying to see if you have any food, lions lazing about and the apes making mischief with the cars.

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Can a Camel Beat a Ford Fiesta
Can a Camel Beat a Ford Fiesta (FujiFilm FinePix 1600)

After a successful research trip to Knowsley Safari Park where we found out that a Proto Satria Wing Mirror could indeed support a Baboon. This time we decided to find out whether a Camel could beat a Ford Fiesta in a race. As you can see the answer is no. We gave the poor camel plenty of time and stopped a few times to allow it to pass but it still was unable to corner as fast or even keep up on the straights. I doubt even bettering the Camels suspension would help, the problem was straight line speed and traction but mainly straight line speed.

As usual the Baboon section was a melee of car bits and and scampering Baboons.

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Can a Wing Mirror on a Proton Satria Support the Weight of a Baboon
Can a Wing Mirror on a Proton Satria Support the Weight of a Baboon (Pentax Optio 50)

Of course this will now be the top link on Google because of the title of this page should anyone ever search for this and they will with no word of a lie, so to answer the question and pre-empt any disappointment I started on my quest, so it was off to Knowsley Safari Park. I was a little worried about my Proton it's bad week, a late night drive into work turned into a catalogue of disaster involving an engine warning light and a speed camera but with true British spirit we set off on the non-car friendly route through the Safari Park. Initially I wasn't worried but when the commentary explained that moving slowly along was the best way to travel and then I hit a traffic jam I was concerned, there was also the fact that you had to dodge ripped off windscreen wiper on the floor. It all became clear when it transpired that the traffic jam was created by people feeding the Baboons, and the Baboons in turn thanked them by fighting over the food and ripping loose bits off the car, a fair exchange I think. Mind you this wasn't as really stupid as the person in front of me who got out of their car in the first enclosure. Not wishing to witness a man being ripped apart by a Lion which would then probably try out the contents of a Merc thanks to it's now dead owner I overtook after the keeper reminded the chap where he was.

Un-skirmished, our only contact with the primates was when they ran over the car and in this instance answered the question initially proposed. In fact both right and left mirrors acted as bum support for the Baboons with the left one allowing one Baboon to let it all hang out. I'd have probably got a Nikon picture of this apart from the fact that it wasn't playing today so it ended up being dumped in the back of the car.

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