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Cotebrook's Pictures

Liiittle Piiigies
Liiittle Piiigies (Nikon D5000)

Even the stone cold heart of Zamyatin says that this is cute. I have flicked through several pictures many times and this one was a dilemma because I don't want to flood the market with pig pictures.

Needless to say that this is my best pig picture, and every time I look at it I wonder if it is in focus. Does it matter because it's Liiitele Piiigs.

0 comments have been left23:59 13 Apr 2011Tags: cotebrook pig sleeping hay
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Expecting to Fly
Expecting to Fly (Nikon D5000)

Back at Cotebrook we were looking into a field and saw this flutter by and rest on the grass. I was quite patient and tried to wait for it to turn around and show it's red wings a little better but no so I got lower and grabbed my zoom lens and this is what I got. Well in fact I got loads of pictures and not just of horses and butterflys some of them were pretty good.

After the day I've had just staring at a picture of a butterfly (moths with colour really) might just be the ticket. How about you? Of course anyone who reads this might help my telling me what the butterfly is.

0 comments have been left20:33 11 Apr 2011Tags: butterfly cotebrook grass
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The Eyes Have It
The Eyes Have It (Nikon D5000)

Oh it's been a long weekend, what with being on 24h support for the week and getting a call every night and spending a great deal of Saturday on the phone or at a computer it's been bad, but we did decide to go out the Werneth Low on Saturday afternoon since the sun was out and it was a wonderful day. We had a picnic and I got a great big kiss from a dog. Minding my own business sat on the grass I was disturbed by a small yapper heading full pelt towards my sensitive bits and it wad going some. At the point at which I thought it was safe to stop I noticed it was still going 100% and before I knew it I had a face full of dog mouth licking my face. Luckily he noticed food and was was off.

Sunday was Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre. Again a glorious day and great for standing about in fields with horses which are as I may have said before, impressive and frightening beasts. In my opinion horses are basically one huge muscle without much brain making them pretty frightening. Definitely the sort of animal able to break your face my accident, a bit like Lennie in the book “Of Mice and Men”. This picture is of one of the horses that looked a little sleepy to be honest but I did get this which you can see I'm in the reflection along with my Wife and Daughter which I didn't really expect when I took it. I did see myself but I didn't think I would be so clear.

I was going to put a picture of a butterfly but was convinced to put this one in as I was told it looked better. I also avoided putting pictures of pigs in as I seem to have a reputation for pig pictures if you ask Google along with a mis-spelling of forest, Venice and Dr. Who, but pigs out strip everything by a long chalk and now by putting the word pig in here I have not helped... damn it.

0 comments have been left20:55 10 Apr 2011Tags: eye cotebrook horse reflections
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