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Cat Call
Cat Call (Nikon D5300)

It’s been a busy old day and really not much to talk about as far as pictures are concerned. So glad this is a photoblog. To start the weather was against us, and then the lack of photo ops didn’t help, hence I have a billion pictures of cats. More about that later.

It all started at the busiest junction in Tokyo. Shibuya crossing is apparently legendary, but perhaps that’s when it’s not lashing it down. However it’s our last day in Tokyo so we need to do everything we can to see the default Tokyo things and despite all I have been told about how mental Tokyo is, I have yet to see it. Yes it’s busy but it isn’t anything too bad. So after a bit of messing about, we were off to Harajuka and Takeshita Street which seems to be 100% orientated to Japanese teenage girls. Needless to say I had nothing to offer here other than my ability to pay.

So off to Nakano Broadway, a 4 story shopping centre dedicated to all sorts, there’s a bit of Manga, some clothes and a bit of tech. Weirdly enough there was a formula 1 store which I could have sat in for hours, though I suspect they would have chucked me out after and hour or two. If only I could have afforded the Ayrton Senna 1994 race suit.

In the bottom floor of Nakano Broadway was a very impressive arcade and to be honest I should had a go. They had capsules to play games that were then streamed on YouTube. Instead of doing that we spent too long trying to get a bog standard towel from a grabber machine. We won, but at what cost. I want that time back, you can keep the money.

So we then headed across town to a cat cafe. Now, there was a huge gap between what these places are vs what I thought they would be to such an extent that when we walked in I thought the cat thing was a front. Anyway it’s a bit of a weird place, and perhaps the place we went to was not a typical Japanese cat cafe, but it was down a back street and not very many Japanese were in the cafe, in fact I would say that as soon as we turned up the three European looking blokes who were there made a hasty exit as soon as we arrived. Not much coffee (none) was drunk of at 1000 Yen an hour it seems to be more catisfaction from cats that really aren’t bothered whether you’re there or not. In fact they would rather you were not there.

Anyway, this is a pic of the junction on the walk from the station to the cat cafe. Nothing great to report, but it seemed quite impressive as the light started to fade.

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Cars Boats and Automobiles
Cars Boats and Automobiles (Nikon D5300)

It was a long day today with the plan to go to the Prototype Museum (perhaps I sort of missed the point of the museum because only some of them were prototypes I thought, so it was a car museum). The museum was quite good. Three floors of various cars with no real theme other than the cars were all German. It was quite impressive in a way to get so close to some of the cars though you weren't allowed to touch the cars.I quite liked Michael Schumacher's car from his time at Jordan and I'm not sure why, probably the weird mix of underdog and future world champion.

Next up was as trip to the San Diego. I wasn't sure what to expect from thsi because it was something tha my Wife wanted to go to and she explained it as a cargo ship turned into a museum, which to be honest could be the best thing in the world, but also could just be dull. In the end it turned out she bought tickets for the wrong boat and we ended up on a one hour and twenty minute tour of the dock and surrounding area, which might have been OK if it weren't in German. Still it was OK to bob about in the sun around the docks.

Last up today was Elbe beach that we didn't find, but we did see a Hamburg traffic jam.

So onto the picture, it's a Porche 912. I love the 911 and this seems to be the bread and butter 911 apparently, lots of cheap stuff went into this and yet it has the same impressive look.

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Gordons Alive
Gordons Alive (Nikon D5000)

Its was Autosport show this weekend at the NEC. It's nice to get out now and then. This time it as more or less the same as last year so it wasn't that exciting, though it was interesting to see the touring car drivers being interviewed about next years cars which of course are pretty dull for anyone reading this hear, even more dull than me trying to explain how the pictures were taken.

As usual there were the Lycra clad women sporting very little else other than their implants which of course was uncomfortable for me accompanied by a Wife and a near to pubescent Daughter, and it seemed worse than last year. This year however there wasn't the joy of seeing David Coulthard and Paul di Resta at dinner, though I was close enough to touch Sir Jackie Stuart.

Anyway back to the pic which is pretty hum drum and a picture of (Flash) Gordon Shedden's touring car.

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High Speed
High Speed (Canon PowerShot SX230 HS)

Todays outing was to the Blue Planet Aquarium which I was looking forward to but just like Blackpool your memories of it are better to stay just as that... memories. Never go back. After a payment of over forty of your English pounds the sights were few. Perhaps I have been spoilt by The Deep which is a brilliant world of the sea rather than the small Cafe which is the Blue Planet. Of course I could go back to The Deep and think exactly the same.

Anyway, to the picture. It was taken from my new camera, the rather average Cannon Powershot SX230 HS, which is a rather catchy title I think, it was a 1 second shot from the Cannon on the home journey which doesn't have any coordinates from the GPS in the EXIF as I would have hoped for but perhaps it's just a Cannon thing and perhaps I really need to mess with their drivers... I was hoping otherwise.

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Union Flag or Jack
Union Flag or Jack (Nikon D5000)

Yes still decoration to nothing much has been done otherwise but today there was a little bit of a rest-bite because of my Daughter's party and the fact that I think we were really bored with decorating so it was a trip to the hat museum in Stockport for us as a special treat. For those in the know it happens to be in the old arcade in Stockport just near Chestergate. To be honest Stockportt is a strange place with the A6 sitting 2 floors above Chestergate which can be a little disorientating, add to the fact that I've not been to Stockport for many years so the new places that have sprung up are a bit of a surprise.

As far as the party, that was at the Chill Factore where we did some tubing. It was OK but after the third or fourth run you did have to wonder how longer we had to do it. Perhaps the luge next time.

The Hat Museum was OK too, nothing special, I suspect it would be better on any other day than a quiet day and with a guide as the turn the machines on if you have a guided tour.

This picture is of a Mini with a Union Jack/Flag roof that I thought looked good. I don't know why the mini was there because I'm pretty sure I couldn't see any signs to say why but hey that doesn’t stop me taking a picture.

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The Dukes of Dundee
The Dukes of Dundee (QTEK 9100)

This chap thought it was good to paint his car like this... he was wrong. Not only is it a little childish but it's not even a similar looking car, it's an ordinary hatch so it looks really sad, and it's got a sunroof, do you really think Luke Duke and and Juke Duke and Daisy would have a sunroof, hell no. Also the car itself is so insignificant I can't remember what it is. Mind you I can't remember the name of the car in the Dukes of Hazard, it's a Challenger or something, or perhaps that's in Vanishing Point or Starskey and Hutch. If it was a Challenger or something large and American then you could get away with it but this? No.

This specimen was found at the Dundee Observatory a good but small attraction in Dundee. If you were a real fan of telescopes then go there, they have quite a few and the dome is paper mache, a strange choice of materials, but it's one of two in the world. The only other Observatory to be made of totally unsuitable materials is in Toronto, perhaps they were copying. All other Observatory domes are quite rightly made of cheese. I didn't find why they had uses a Cheddar free material which I thought they might explain, perhaps I missed it.

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Many Careful Owners
Many Careful Owners (Nisis DV5)

More archive footage. Unlike the last time archive footage was shown; this week has been rather busy. This picture is of my old Citroen ZX before it was sold for a knock down price. With a shine up like this I'd have bought it for the money, though I can't afford to run three cars at once, not when the tax man is watching anyway.

Main problems this week is lack of time and lack of a really good podcasting client... time to write one myself, which is what happened with this photoblog. Anyway is it a blog, photoblog a journal or just a website... let the media decide.

This picture was going to go into something like AutoTrader though it never happened because someone driving past couldn't beleive their luck. End of.

Taken with the DV5 if you hadn't guessed, with a few bits airbrushed out.

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