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Schumies Fans
Schumies Fans (Nikon D5000)

So the race. It was difficult to tell what exactly happened since again we were not anywhere near a tanoy and pit stops do sort of mess the race up as a spectator in the field but it loks like Hamilton lead more or less from the start ignoring its swaps. Still a pretty convincing victory, there was pressure from the Lotus team but he held well. Button's performance was les that convincing. Mind you I say that but IT have yet to see the results because we never got the viewing spot that we reconned yesterday. The problem yesterday was that we side-stepped security and entered the silver viewing area with pauper passes spied a great viewing place and left. So today we got a shock to find we were turned back at the gate. Still a good very hot day at the race and some time tonight I shall find out what actually went on.

Oh the picture of course. Lots of flag waving today so I thought I would snap this picture of some Schumacher fans, if I'm right then they won't be too dissapointed with a fifth I think he got. Like I say all will be revealed when I can get a wifi connection.

0 comments have been left20:00 29 Jul 2012Tags: flag schumacher motorsport Hungary formula 1
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Where's Zamyatin
Where's Zamyatin (Nikon D5000)

This is an easier game than where's Wally as the flag is a definate clue and sadly the best picture that was the right way up. I thought that I had finally cracked it. I built an image uploader with a rotate feature and bought (was given) an Eye-Fi card so I was totaly mobile with my DSLR, but no. Either I have loaded an earlier verson of the uploader or it broken so pictures of the Blue Mosque and the Cistern will have to wait for another day. Lots of walking was to be had and huge places were seen, one of them having blue tiles. The driving style here is interesting in as much as there isn't one, in facr I have yet to work out anh rules at all. traffic lights are more or less a guide and stopping anywhere is essential even if you have just pushed past someone only just to hit the anchors to stop where you want to. This means that crossing the road is an extreme sport. With any luck tomorrow I shall have a better shot in landscape mode.

0 comments have been left16:20 6 May 2012Tags: istanbul turkey flag
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Union Flag or Jack
Union Flag or Jack (Nikon D5000)

Yes still decoration to nothing much has been done otherwise but today there was a little bit of a rest-bite because of my Daughter's party and the fact that I think we were really bored with decorating so it was a trip to the hat museum in Stockport for us as a special treat. For those in the know it happens to be in the old arcade in Stockport just near Chestergate. To be honest Stockportt is a strange place with the A6 sitting 2 floors above Chestergate which can be a little disorientating, add to the fact that I've not been to Stockport for many years so the new places that have sprung up are a bit of a surprise.

As far as the party, that was at the Chill Factore where we did some tubing. It was OK but after the third or fourth run you did have to wonder how longer we had to do it. Perhaps the luge next time.

The Hat Museum was OK too, nothing special, I suspect it would be better on any other day than a quiet day and with a guide as the turn the machines on if you have a guided tour.

This picture is of a Mini with a Union Jack/Flag roof that I thought looked good. I don't know why the mini was there because I'm pretty sure I couldn't see any signs to say why but hey that doesn’t stop me taking a picture.

0 comments have been left21:52 30 Oct 2011Tags: car flag union jack
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Say Hello to the Worlds Largest Flag
Say Hello to the Worlds Largest Flag (Orange San Francisco)

I was told by two different people (they were married to each other so as far as fact finding this isn't 100% conclusive as I suspect the Canadian in the relationship may have mentioned it to their non-Canadian partner who then relayed it to me) that this was the world's largest flag. Stopped at lights I could not resist so i grabbed my San Fran and snapped this one. Eager to find more details I started San Franning away on Chrome to find what it's particulars were and couldn't find it from an obvious Google search. Being a fair man I started digging deeper. So I searched for largest flag Canada... here I was getting somewhere, perhaps it was the biggest Cabadian flag in the world?... no. Looks like loads of people want that title and they don't all have to be hoisted up a flagpole, some were made out of people. So if it's not the biggest flag and not the biggest Canadian flag which I suspect rules it out as the biggest flag in Canada (my assumption is there are few people outside Canada who want to win the biggest Canadian flag prize) then what the heck is it?

Welcome to the biggest flagpole in the world in 1986. It was built for the Expo then and now sits in a car dealership in Surrey. I suspect it is no longer the biggest and that title is held by the North Koreans at 160 meters, but since I don't know how high this one is I can't go all McWherter on you and claim anything. When I get a computer at my fingertips then perhaps the matter might be settled, until then you will have to wonder.

0 comments have been left07:36 30 Jul 2011Tags: vancouver flag surrey flagpole biggest
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