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Its Not Just Large Its Collosus
Its Not Just Large Its Collosus (Nikon D5000)

This isn't the front of the Collosus, it's the arguably more interesting back of the machine. Well perhaps I should say more photogenic, even then I think there would be some argument to be had bearing in mind that the front is a wall of lights and paper tape, more lights than tape though. This is (I was going to say of course but it's not that obvious) the National Museum of Computing which is in Bletchly Park, not part of Bletchley Park, no don't you go getting confused now thinking that entering Bletchley Park gives you any access to the first computer invented, oh no, it's separate museum.

Interestingly, the Bletchley Park Museum hints that it's human error that allowed us to break the German code in WWII, but it's the National Museum of Computing explained how this happened.

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Demon Programmer
Demon Programmer (QTEK 9100)

Just a quick snap of the cat who appears addicted to my laptop. If I sit down and start messing with the laptop the cat decides to sit in the most inconvenient place. I don't know why he like it so much, It also appears that the more important the task I have to do the more the cat gets in the way. So if I have to do some work out of hours then the cat is here quicker than if I'd have opened a can of Tuna. He starts by pawing at my arm because it's in his way, and then he just plonks hinself down, arm or no arm, head just near the mouse (ah perhaps that's it) pad pinning my right arm to my leg.

At least he has stopped walking over the keyboard, which was a little scary when I was logged into one of our live machines at work. One incorrect key press as I'm editing a file and who knows what could happen, so as you can imagine the first (and last) time he did that I did have a quite a bit of checking to do to confirm that nothing had gone awry.

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