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Cannobio's Pictures

Can Obi Oh, Yes He Can
Can Obi Oh, Yes He Can (Nikon D5000)

We went to Cannobio today as the bad pun sort of suggests, but only once you know that we went to Cannobio, so really the title only serves to avoid a more boring title of just Cannobio or perhaps paraglide/surfer in Cannobio which is a bit long winded and to be honest I have no idea what the name is of whatever that were doing or it escapes me for the moment anyhow. It did look fun to be honest but I suspect its not as easy as it looked, though to be honest it looked like more fun than windsurfing and easier than that, so perhaps something to look into if I were Bear Grylls.

Anyway Cannobio is quite away from Stresa where we are staying if you keep in mind the 50km per hour speed limit causing yo to crawl along the winding roads, however I suspect that if you're not driving then the views are beautiful, however my view is usually of a Fiat braking because the road has deviated slightly from a straight flat road. Still the watersports in Cannobio does make it worth a visit. The town is pretty though not any more pretty than any others to be honest, and whilst the town boasts a Church that houses a painting of Pieta that cried blood, coming all the way out here to see a church that contains a box that contains a painting that cried blood several hundred years ago is a little bit of a stretch for me. This is a holiday not a pilgrimage.

Unusually for me, this picture is cropped. I was trying to get a picture of one of the parachute surfers jumping, but every time I zommed in they'd just stopped, until I think I found a pattern, so I setup and this guy jumped and twisted and I left, not looking at the pictures (fatal mistake). Most were out of focus. The autofocus had taken over and had focused on the far shore. The only picture of worth was this one which had the right shoulder of a man in a green T-shirt in the bottom left, which impressed me no end, so there you do. I shall try to do better next time.

0 comments have been left16:54 4 Aug 2014Tags: cannobio italy surfer water
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