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Skegness Beach
Skegness Beach (Minolta X500)

On a trip to Lincoln we had a day out to Skegness. Just like the usual British seaside town, there are the usual small scale rides all closed down since it's winter with the usual selection of shops selling gifts and fast food. This picture is less about a closed seaside town and more about the beach as you can see. Perhaps the focus could have gone further out, but the problem might have been that I'd have got too much background in. None the less here's an archive picture, one that I'd almost forgotten about and still rather like. That's not so say that they won't be any chance of pics tomorrow only that due to the lovely weather and my lack of inventiveness, I doubt any pictures happening tomorrow.

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22:04 13 Oct 2007Tags: skegness beach water patterns
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Not Fake Twisted Trees
Not Fake Twisted Trees (QTEK 9100)

Right in the middle of the castle at Skipton is a tree. Well I say in the middle but it's more toward the front but to all intents and purposes since it's surrounded on all sides by castle it may as well as be in the middle.

The tree must have been there for many years and provides the courtyard with a sort of magical quality and provides some shade from the sun. The bench seat around the bottom of the tree would have been nice to sit under in most weathers. Then all of a sudden I realized it. I have been to many castles in my time and none have had much athletic qualities for obvious reasons. Malaga castle does have terrace gardens but it was less to do with planting posies such like for flower pressing and more to do with surviving a siege. This courtyard is not so practical which brought me to the only conclusion that this part of the castle was designed by a woman or we were seeing homosexual tenancies in the architect. All I need now with this tree is a good book and gin and tonic. Cheers.

0 comments have been left20:33 15 Sep 2007Tags: patterns tree skipton
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Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum (QTEK 9100)

This is just a quick picture of the Imperial War Museum North. You may have seen many picturs of the building. This view is quite deceptive in that it sort of looks like the building could be a big square block of a building all made of glass, but this bit (the observation tower) is a squint shiny metal structure. The museum inside is as odd as the outside, not a traditional museum at all. Did I enjoy it... well I think I would have enjoyed it more if I'd have been in the mood for a museum, I was more in the mood for doing something interesting and after being spoilt by the good weather the last couple of days my mind was more set on being outside, however the rain and cold suggested outdoor activities should be curtailed.

0 comments have been left18:10 7 May 2007Tags: IWM museum patterns reflections clouds
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