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February's Pictures

Conway at Dusk
Conway at Dusk (Nisis DV5)

Another picture of the walls though you can't make them out too much with the contrast. As you can see the tide was out so you can see the footprints of animals taking advantage of the lack of water. On the left there's the castle and in the middle the town.

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Castle Walls
Castle Walls (Nisis DV5)

Here's a picture of Castle Walls in Conway, it's a strange place, the town is still surrounded by the walls and very little overspill, also on the way in it almost looks like the walls are still there to fortify the town with the main road running straight at the castle with water on each side. Unfortunately getting a good picture of the castle from the road is impossible (for me as I tried several times).

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Poo On
Poo On (QTEK 9100)

Yes you know that I'm immature. You know what toilet humour makes me laugh every time and this is no exception. We went away to Conway for the weekend and after looking around the town we retired back to the hotel to relax a little before Dinner when I pressed the wrong button and got this up on screen, yes the words “Poo On” I clicked it again in the hope that it would say “Poo Off” which would tickle me pink but no, it just said Off. Of course the Poo mean Program Zero but it still brought a smile to my face.

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Sport City
Sport City (QTEK 9100)

Ah yes a picture taken on Valentines Day. How romantic. It wasn't posted yesterday for obvious reasons... well to me, i.e for someone who deals with technology on a daily basis would have a divorce on his hands if he was found tapping keys on Valentines day.

So what do we have here? Well just before trying to get some mussels for Valentines which I could only get at Asda outside Man City's ground I thought the combo of lights and sky were unmissable, so my Daughter and I strode across the car park to get the snap. Unfortunately the neonish Manchester City sign hasn't come out due to camera shake (in night mode this is easy) and it's not looking as near in the picture as it was in ral life and there's also the graininess of night mode. It looks a less impressive that it did. It's probably overdue the 35mm treatment with a tripod.

0 comments have been left21:29 15 Feb 2007Tags: city manchester stadium
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The Hellfire Club
The Hellfire Club (QTEK 9100)

On the way to the Transport Museum, we noticed this building. A scary looking place that actually looks closed. My wife and I wondered what went on in the building but agreed that popping our heads through the door would be the last on our list of things to do before we died, however we suspected that popping our heads though the door might have been the last thing we may ever do in our life expecting it to be tragically cut short right after our visit or more correctly during it. There are a few places I have this feeling about, one being the Polygon Hotel around Longsight I think. It's a great name, an interesting building but one heck of a scary pub.

The strange thing about the Hellfire Club is that it's not that scary in some ways, it's an ordinary restaurant. I say ordinary and that's not true but it's not the place I would have imagined and actually somewhere that I might survive a visit which is contrary to what I thought. I found this all out after I took the picture.

As an aside in the right of the picture you can just see a flat bed lorry with a car on it. As I took the picture the guy hooted his horn. Knowing what effect taking pictures can have on some people I ignored it. I have had this before, once I got something similar in Spain when I took a picture of a University (I think it was in Seville but I could be wrong) a scooter rider decided the best thing he could do would be to get in shot beeping his horn and waving and now he is immortal in my photo collection, his fame is now assured. This lorry guy decided that not only would he hit his horn but then drive up along side me and come out with a witty remark which went something to the effect of "Was that where you were last night?" of course I roared with laughter. Now knowing that it's a horror themed restaurant I think the joke might be on him because that might have been where I was last night having a jolly good horror themed meal.

0 comments have been left20:43 11 Feb 2007Tags: hellfire club horror
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Bus Spotting
Bus Spotting (QTEK 9100)

The (from what I can only assume) badly advertised Manchester Museum of Transport is a bit of a strange thing. If you try to search for transport museum and Manchester then you get a few things. You get that it's a grade 2 listed building but you don't get the address.

How we found this is because my wife drove past a few signs for it and when she came back from work. We did our best to find the placeand after a bit of searching we found it and this is a picture from the place.

It's strange in that there are lots of things, but they are a little disorganised. It is attached to a working bus depot but the best part of it is when you find a bus that you may have travelled on. I also find it fantastic that radiators on old busses weren't covered and the radiator cap was out in the open, something that today's health and safety people would have a field day on let alone the trusting people wouldn't pour coke into it for sheer mischief.

Probably not worth the cash but something to go to and something that should still be here in another 100 years to tell people about the past of transport. Mind you I said it's not worth the cash but the displays are quite interesting and there are a few pics of Piccadilly which were pretty impressive. OK I'm wrong. Four quid per adult isn't bad. I think the problem was there was little time to do this with a 6 year old so it was a bit of a rush and also you have to be in the mind to do it.

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00:10 11 Feb 2007Tags: bus museum transport
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Smoking Towers
Smoking Towers (QTEK 9100)

More extreme weather from Zamyatin. Heavy snow one week and the day Manchester was shrouded in thick fog or mist (I don't know the difference no doubt there is a difference). I think this may have started as mist then ended up as fog, and quite bad fog. Here you can see mist around the Co-op building (I thinks it's the Co-op building) with the sun reflecting through it. Again as usual it looked better in real life.

0 comments have been left19:13 3 Feb 2007Tags: tower reflections manchester
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Hampton Lake
Hampton Lake (Minolta X500)

Here's perhaps the best example of an unzoommed picture ending up as a little wide angled. The lake appears vast and almost never ending and there are two reasons for this, the first is that it is vast, the second is that the wide angledness of the lens gets it all in. A compact wouldn't have got as much impact... I don't think... perhaps I'm talking rubbish. I need a lie down I think.

0 comments have been left12:55 3 Feb 2007Tags: hampton lake
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Hampton Court Clouds
Hampton Court Clouds (Minolta X500)

Again with the unzoomed zoom, here we have a different perspective on the hall. The clouds have come out quite well affecting the brightness of the hall of course (for all you photo nuts out there). I do like the way that the statue looks like it's reaching out to those clouds that appear almost touchable or fake as if I've added a backdrop. Again not the best light, but then again I've always found it difficult to take pictures in high contrast lighting at this time of year.

0 comments have been left12:51 3 Feb 2007Tags: clouds hampton statue
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Hampton Court Round Two
Hampton Court Round Two (Minolta X500)

Since it's all a bit slow on the picture front here is a picture I recently got back from my 35mm of Hampton Court. Yes a film camera. I have a Zoom lens with the Minolta which when unzoomed completely is a little wide angled as you might be able to see, gives some impressive panoramic pictures. The light in this one isn't great but it does give an impression of size.

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