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Malaga from Afar
Malaga from Afar (Minolta X500)

Nothing doing on the picture front. Just got my new phone connected to my works email so I suspect I shall be busy from now until... well a long time despite which I hope it will allow me to take the average sort of rubbish that you expect of this site hence the archive pic and not with the new piece of kit (which can be examined in the equipment area... yes it's an iPhone but better as far as I am concerned).

No this pic is quite old indeed in fact it pre-dates the site itself. It's a picture of Malaga and my Dad. I never really thought it was interesting until now but it does have this weird feeling about it because the perspective is all wrong and the focus is weird and the mist. I just like it and I hope you do too.

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Sport City
Sport City (QTEK 9100)

Ah yes a picture taken on Valentines Day. How romantic. It wasn't posted yesterday for obvious reasons... well to me, i.e for someone who deals with technology on a daily basis would have a divorce on his hands if he was found tapping keys on Valentines day.

So what do we have here? Well just before trying to get some mussels for Valentines which I could only get at Asda outside Man City's ground I thought the combo of lights and sky were unmissable, so my Daughter and I strode across the car park to get the snap. Unfortunately the neonish Manchester City sign hasn't come out due to camera shake (in night mode this is easy) and it's not looking as near in the picture as it was in ral life and there's also the graininess of night mode. It looks a less impressive that it did. It's probably overdue the 35mm treatment with a tripod.

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