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Bus's Pictures

Beamish (Nikon D5000)

Enough said really. Nothing to do with the beer, or perhaps it is I have no idea. This Beamish however is a living Museum as they call it. It's basically a huge plot of land with a farm, a colliary a town centre, a hall and all sorts of stuff kept to look like it did in the 1800's or early 1900's. It's pretty impressive and a good day out and when I say a day out I mean a day out. The place is huge, so huge it has it's own complicated bus and tram timetable which meant that a load of walking was involved. In fact we ended up having to go before seeing the whole lot, it was a choice of seeing the whole place and being completely walked out or cutting it a little short and still having smiles on our faces.

Anyway onto the picture, as you might be able to guess it's in the Beamish Museum and it's in the town part of one of the buses that you can hop on to get around, just don't do what one person did, as he got on the bus he steadied himself by holding on to the bell rail ringing it by accident which was the signal to set off to the driver who set off which was news to the conductor and the passengers trying to get on. Ooops.

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Bus Spotting
Bus Spotting (QTEK 9100)

The (from what I can only assume) badly advertised Manchester Museum of Transport is a bit of a strange thing. If you try to search for transport museum and Manchester then you get a few things. You get that it's a grade 2 listed building but you don't get the address.

How we found this is because my wife drove past a few signs for it and when she came back from work. We did our best to find the placeand after a bit of searching we found it and this is a picture from the place.

It's strange in that there are lots of things, but they are a little disorganised. It is attached to a working bus depot but the best part of it is when you find a bus that you may have travelled on. I also find it fantastic that radiators on old busses weren't covered and the radiator cap was out in the open, something that today's health and safety people would have a field day on let alone the trusting people wouldn't pour coke into it for sheer mischief.

Probably not worth the cash but something to go to and something that should still be here in another 100 years to tell people about the past of transport. Mind you I said it's not worth the cash but the displays are quite interesting and there are a few pics of Piccadilly which were pretty impressive. OK I'm wrong. Four quid per adult isn't bad. I think the problem was there was little time to do this with a 6 year old so it was a bit of a rush and also you have to be in the mind to do it.

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00:10 11 Feb 2007Tags: bus museum transport
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Pub Lunch
Pub Lunch (QTEK 9100)

The day after the Christmas party we all went to The Little Mill a nice pub in the middle of nowhere which seemed quit nice. Not the restaurant that I was expecting but a pretty huge plate of food. The Cumberland Sausage didn't appear in a ring you might expect but turned up as 5 whopping sausages. The only complaint I had was that there was too much and gravy would have helped.

Anyway back to the point this is parked out back. An old London bus style affair with a train carriage with I don't have a pix of. I must admit I did think of buying one when they were selling them off but the practicalities of 10mpg stopped me. Oh well.

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