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Beamish (Nikon D5000)

Enough said really. Nothing to do with the beer, or perhaps it is I have no idea. This Beamish however is a living Museum as they call it. It's basically a huge plot of land with a farm, a colliary a town centre, a hall and all sorts of stuff kept to look like it did in the 1800's or early 1900's. It's pretty impressive and a good day out and when I say a day out I mean a day out. The place is huge, so huge it has it's own complicated bus and tram timetable which meant that a load of walking was involved. In fact we ended up having to go before seeing the whole lot, it was a choice of seeing the whole place and being completely walked out or cutting it a little short and still having smiles on our faces.

Anyway onto the picture, as you might be able to guess it's in the Beamish Museum and it's in the town part of one of the buses that you can hop on to get around, just don't do what one person did, as he got on the bus he steadied himself by holding on to the bell rail ringing it by accident which was the signal to set off to the driver who set off which was news to the conductor and the passengers trying to get on. Ooops.

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Euro 6000
Euro 6000 (QTEK 9100)

I kept on seeing these signs all over the place on our travels and I could only assume one thing. That it was just like when the UK hosted Euro '96. Spain must be preparing or at least have sealed the deal for Euro 6000. With just under 4000 years to go there is no time to waste. As they always say, it sounds a long time away now but Euro 6000 will be here in a blink of a eye. Of course with such a long time to wait between now and then I suspect they will have the organization down to a tee.

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